[cafe] An adorable little cafe: BRICKLANE @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

Bricklane in Noksapyeong is a thrilling ‘discovery’ for me. I never expected such a lovely cafe could be located in the Itaewon area–an area best known for international restaurants, oversized clothing shops with exorbitant prices, and prostitutes on Walkerhill. That a quiet, bright cafe filled with flowers is located amidst this chaotic exciting area almost seems like magic to me.

It is indeed a lovely coffee shop. Small, but bright.

The best thing is that every wooden table on the first floor is adorned with a colorful bouquet…

I need more flowers in my life ;~~;

Despite the lack of flowers, the second floor–painted white ivory–looks absolutely elegant. The windows are wide open, allowing bright sunlight to enter the room, making it seem even more spacious.

I ordered an Iced Earl Grey latte (6500 KRW), which tasted simply amazing. The sophisticated flavor of Earl Grey was wholly upgraded by the right amount of sweetness. My drink was smooth, refreshing, and super yummy.

Oops, wrong photo :DDD

Yup. Girls need flowers.


My friend and I both enjoyed our time at Bricklane. It is quiet, spacious, bright, pretty, and has good drinks. My only complaint is that the service is quite slow. I noticed that the dude sitting behind us had to wait 30 minutes for his panini to come. However, if you have enough time to waste, next time when you are around the Itaewon/Haebangchon neighborhood, give Bricklane a try.

Bricklane is next to the second-hand book store in Noksapyeong. You can get out of exit 1 of Noksapyeong station, cross the overpass and walk towards the opposite direction of Petra restaurant.


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