[eat] Eggs Benedict at T.G. Brunch Cafe & Mushroom Burger at Jacoby’s Burger @ Noksapyeong, Seoul

If my friends ask for a good brunch spot, I usually recommend T.G. Brunch Cafe in Noksapyeong. They have a decent range of options for brunch which is on offer all day. The cafe is small and has a casual, friendly atmosphere, and is located in the quieter neighborhood of Noksapyeong.

Eggs benedict (12000 KRW). Love love the crispy bacon strips. The Hollandaise sauce was smooth, creamy, and just a tad sour. Eggs were cooked to perfection.

Hey there sexy xD

English breakfast plate (13000 KRW). My favorite items were the bacon strips (but who doesn’t love bacon?) and sautéed mushrooms. The sausage could be better. Each order is accompanied with a cup of Americano, Orange juice, or Earl Grey tea.

The portions were big and filling. I have a huge appetite, but was left satisfyingly full.

Eggs blackstone (13000 KRW). I always thought that Eggs blackstone uses HAM instead of bacon and a slice of tomato is added. But here Eggs blackstone is defined as this…

Not that I’m complaining though. I’d opt for these thick smoked salmon strips over ham any day. Plus, there were even bacon slices hidden under the salmon. That’s Christmas.

Banger sausages (12000 kRW). The sausages were sooooo bland, I was quite disappointed. Moral of the story: Make sure to stick with the original Eggs benedict.

I though that the sausage would be better :((((((

Accompanying our eggs benedict was a big pile of crinkled cut fries–tasty, but a bit heavy on salt. The salads were ok, nothing to complain or compliment about.


TG Brunch Cafe. Noksapyeong station exit 2.

A visit to Noksapyeong is not completed without dropping by the great and wonderful Jacoby’s Burger nearby. The lowcarb buddy and I shared a Mushroom burger.

As usual, Jacoby never lets us down. The huge meat patty, cooked to medium rare, was tender and flavorful.

The melted cheese on top combined with the generous portion of sautéed mushroom made an exquisite picture:

Please refer to Jacoby’s Burger full menu & map here:[eat] Jacoby’s Burger @ Noksapyeong, Seoul.


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