[eat] Another(!) BBQ buffet: Self Bar @ Hongdae, Seoul

Another BBQ buffet? Yeah I know I know, I’m tired of writing about BBQ buffet too ~.~ but it is my aim to try all BBQ buffets before I leave Korea. Yesterday the lowcarb buddy and I went to Self Bar http://selfbar.kr for lunch. We were not expecting any wow factor, and we indeed were not wow-ed. Self Bar is just another BBQ buffet, an addition to Hongdae’s Meat-ing, Chakhan pig, and Mammoth Grill house. Of the four, none can beat Mammoth in terms of meat quality; the rest offer very similar choices of meat. I would, however, pick Chakhan Pig over Meat-ing or Self Bar because they have fried chicken.

The only thing that sets Self Bar apart from other BBQ buffet chain is that it is so devoid of people that the place is so quiet and relaxing and not imbued with the smell of grilled meat. But maybe it was just because we went there at 1:30pm on Wednesday…

The price for a lunch buffet is 9900 KRW; dinner is 10900 KRW:

Pretty much identical to the salad & meat bar at Meat-ing or Chakhan Pig:


Turkey–quite yummy:

Don’t know what it is called but it is minced pork & minced skin–supposed to be eaten cold. I didn’t like it.

Really thinly sliced pork and beef. That red stuff on the right is DALGALBI xD

The dakgalbi was quite tasty actually:

Spicy marinated pork was not a bad option:

Though it is supposed to be eaten cold, I still grilled the turkey slices:

Good thing is they had perila leaves:

Now let’s grill:

This… this is gorgeous…


They also had ‘Patbingsu’ lmfao. The ice was not finely minced so our patbingsu tasted just like crushed ice + syrup + some beans on top.

However, the oranges were a win:

Self Bar is an okay place–not OMG YOU HAVE TO GO–but it is not too bad an option if you are around the area near Hapjeong station and are in the mood for cheap BBQ.

Self Bar is best reached from Hapjeong station exit 3:


4 thoughts on “[eat] Another(!) BBQ buffet: Self Bar @ Hongdae, Seoul

  1. Thanks for this review. I just happened to being given the red leaflet, and curious about it. So searching selfbar came to your blog again. Previously I read about your review on “Meat-ing” and had a “meeting” there last week! Meat-ing has a time limit of 1.5 hours. Does Selfbar have any time limit?

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