[cafe] The quiet little Cafe Bueno @ Edae, Seoul

Hidden in a backstreet of the busy Edae neighborhood is a lovely, peaceful cafe called Cafe Bueno. The array of colorful flowers right outside large windows of Cafe Bueno caught my eyes instantly. Body temperature elevated and feet sore from all my walking during the day, an iced Americano and a waffle with ice cream in a spacious quiet cafe was all that I needed.



View from our seats *v*

Serious about coffee aren’t they?


2 americanos and 1 waffle–great deal isn’t it? We simply ordered the Chocolate waffle set right away.

Our americano–just like any americano out there lol.

This is not the thick, moist, and warm Belgian waffle–instead just a waffle you can make at home with your waffle maker. Still, tasty nonetheless. Given the price, I didn’t have any high expectations and thus was not left disappointed.

The ice cream on top was yummy:

Looking great xD

I really liked this place: peaceful atmosphere, good enough food, and the bonus point is that it plays some great 80-90s music (not the Kpop crap). Cafe Bueno would be a great place to drop by should you be around Edae.

Cafe Bueno, Edae station exit 3:


5 thoughts on “[cafe] The quiet little Cafe Bueno @ Edae, Seoul

  1. …I’m in love with your blog!
    Especially since I’m currently planning my Seoul Trip for this October.
    Already have written down some cafes, distrcits that I really want to visit.
    Big shout out and thanks for sharing this with us <3

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