[travel] Living my pastoral dream at Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch @ Hoenggye, Gangwon-do

Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch (대관령 양떼목장)–a sheep farm in Hoenggye, Gangwon-do–has been on my must-visit list for so long. After many, many failed plans, finally I managed to get to Yangtae Ranch with my lowcarb buddy. What can I say? I was speechless at how incredibly beautiful everything was. The sheep were oh-my-god-why-so-cute; the ranch was covered by a sea of green grass; the air was clear with invigorating gusts continuously bringing to our senses the fresh grass smell…

Words can’t describe how pretty the ranch was. Let the photos speak for themselves then ;)
The entrance to the ranch (it’s open from 9am):

Shockingly green ;A;

We were greeted with a baby:

And then…

They were so friendly xD

and cute ;~;

and as chilled as a Hedonism practitioner =}}}

Such a good life they have…


Picture time xDDDD

Even MORE sheep! You can pay like 3000 KRW for a basket of hay to feed them.

Apart from sheep, the ranch also has more to offer… A swing:

Unbeatable scenery:

A quiet corner:

Oh and the ranch’s dogs ^-^

A stairway to the top of the hill…

A cool wooden cabin:

A million dollar view:

Many a perfect background for any photo:

Surreal ;~;

Even the wooden signs are pretty:

Did I mention the flowers?

On the way down…

We couldn’t get enough of sheep really..

Oh baby baby lambs :((

It was hard to say goodbye to these cutest creatures:

Feeding my last biscuit to the sheep :D

The entrance fee for adult is 4000 KRW.
Please keep in mind that the grazing season is between May and October–but the schedule is subjected to change. The grazing season used to start earlier, but this year’s began much later due to the prolonged cold in Gangwon-do preventing the grass from growing in time. Also, in case of rain/storms etc., the sheep will be kept inside the barns. More information can be found at http://yangtte.co.kr (Korean only) or here.

How to get to Daegwallyeong Yangtae Ranch:
Getting to Yangtae Ranch is relatively easy but very time-consuming. You should give Yangtae at least a day. If you are like me and absolutely hate to take pictures with too many people in the background, and given that Yangtae is quite a popular place, I highly recommend you take the FIRST bus (6:32am) or at least the second bus (7am) at Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to get to Hoenggye as early as possible.

1. Take the subway to Gangbyeon station 강변역 (line 2), get out of exit 4 and cross the street to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.

2. Go to the ticket desk and ask for a ticket to Hoenggye 횡계. You can simply write down the words and show the ticket lady. As of this time of writing (May 25 2013), one way ticket from Seoul to Hoenggye is 14500 KRW.
Bus time table:

My ticket:

3. The bus will stop twice at 장평 Jangpyeong Bus Terminal and at Jinbu Bus Terminal 진부공용버스정류장 before reaching your destination Hoenggye bus terminal; in case you are not sure where to get off, just ask the driver.

4. After 2.5 or 3 hours, you will reach Hoenggye, I recommend you take a picture of the bus time table from Hoenggye to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.
Or you can just use this :P

5. Across the terminal is a taxi parking place. Tell your cabbie to take you to Yangtae Mokchang 양떼목장 and they should know right away. It’ll take ~10 minutes to reach the ranch and taxi fare should be less than 9000 KRW.

6. If your cabbie does not give you his number, ask for it. You should call him to pick you up after you’re done exploring the ranch, unless you want to make a 5.8km trek back to the bus terminal of course ;)

Yangtae Ranch is a gorgeous, gorgeous destination. If you have time, do give the place a try. You won’t regret it.


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