[eat] Cheese burgers at Little Cuba @ Sinchon, Seoul

When one mentions comfort food, I immediately think of burgers. There is something so right about the combination of soft buns, fresh lettuce, cheese, and a juicy beef patty. There is no shortage of good burger joints in Seoul, but it is painful to think about the lack of decent burgers in Sinchon–where I live. That’s why, when a classmate mentioned a place called Little Cuba (리틀쿠바) right here in Sinchon, where she said she had one of her best burgers ever–I immediately put it at the top of my to-try restaurant list.

According to their Naver blog http://blog.naver.com/little_cuba, the old open time was 11:30am but as of 28 May, it changed to 5:30pm. However, my friend and I still walked to Little Cuba for lunch to try our luck. Turned out we were very lucky. The place’s owner (a Cuban) was standing outside, and upon finding out that we were in desperate need of some burgers, he said that Little Cuba would be open in a few minutes xD

Very spacious:

The menu was quite extensive–we were there for the burgers, but the Cuban fare seems promising:

My friend picked the Bacon burger set (10300 KRW) and I went for Original burger (6300). We waited for 10 minutes, bitching about life, before our burgers came. And guess what, the owner gave me FREE FRENCH FRIES. I was so shocked asdfghjkl I am all for free stuff and free french fries almost made me jump with joy.

Loved the fries–very crispy and had the right amount of salt.

The basic structure of a cheese burger:

Everything was fresh though admittedly I am not a fan of American cheese:

As usual, beef patty is what I pay most attention to in a burger. The patty here was not too thick, but definitely not skimpy, and was grilled just right. The beef was of good quality, which tasted tender and juicy.

Little Cuba is a relatively new place (opened in April 2013, I believe) but I can see that its reputation will continue to grow, and I sincerely hope it will be around for a long time to come. The burgers are very good, the interior is quite spacious, and the service couldn’t be better. The owner and I talked a bit about the operating hours and I suggested that he open it for lunch and dinner time, with a few hours’ rest in between, and he said that is what he would do.

Little Cuba, Sinchon station exit 2:


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