[eat] A Chicken Chronicle, or How I Gorged Myself on Chicken in May

Let’s get it straight, I am a chicken addict. Last month I ate chicken so many times that I decided to postpone writing about every single occasion, and instead only wrote about the two times at the flippin’ good 오늘통닭 & the flipfloppin’ awesome 자연담은 치킨&호프. As for other occasions, those which gave me less of that starstruck, wide-eyed, fascination, are what I will compile in this post today.

The lowcarb buddy and I said hello to May by having a huge lunch at my favorite 신촌영양센터–where I had had some very tasty chicken soup a few weeks before. This time we ordered the spicy chicken soup and were not disappointed. The chicken was super succulent, but the broth was so dominated by the gochuchang pungency that I could hardly detect that mild and slightly sweet aroma of well-cooked chicken in the non-spicy version.

I ordered a bowl of rice to make fried rice (bokkeumbab). But, unlike other places, they gave me a bowl of sticky rice. My fried rice was actually thick porridge. Not sure if I welcome this substitution, but then I always have a soft spot for sticky rice…

A few days later, we found ourselves at Mubanna Chon-dak (무봤나촌닭)–a super popular fried chicken chain which I had wanted to try for a long time. But my experience there was that of disappointment. The lowcarb buddy and I, despite being super hungry (=having huge appetite =very likely to enjoy anything we were about to eat), both agreed that Mubanna Chon-dak’s bird was worse than expected.

Our garlic chicken was quite decent. The coating, albeit on the heavy side, was crunchy and flavorful. The corns & peas on top, however, were horrifying.

The gochuchang chicken was incredibly bad. It was a mess of chunks of chicken drenched in over-the-top spicy gochuchang sauce, and devoid of any other seasoning. Almost inedible.

And the corn. I.still.can’t.get.over.the.corn.

Don’t go there, you will be pissed off. If you happen to be there, make up for your mistake by ordering the garlic chicken. Oh and the staff didn’t allow me to take pictures of the menu. Lol like I care.

Somehow one week later, our feet led us to yet another fried chicken spot: Chickyx2 in Edae (치키 바이 투–Chicky by two). I had been to Chickyx2 before and quite liked it. We ordered the cheapest chicken item: fried bird with green onions on top (14000 KRW) and were left satisfied. The coating was seriously tasty thanks to that strong garlicky flavor. Not too bad a choice, but not exceptionally amazing either.


It seems weird, but exactly one week later, I went out with The Face of My Blog (anyone remember him?) for some Korean style chicken called Jjimdak at Bongchu Jjimdak in Edae (map here). Jjimdak is my favorite Korean food; it has just everything I love: broiled chicken, well-cooked vegetables and cellophane noodles, all cooked together in a spicy soy sauce base. The less spicy jjimdak at Bongchu Jjimdak is actually quite spicy, so don’t order the real spicy one just in order to not appear as a wuss. You have been warned.

Just in case my readers miss this handsome face:

East or West, school canteens sometimes turn out to be the best. Surprisingly, I had one of my best chicken experiences in May at the KLI canteen in Yonsei. For 2 consecutive Tuesdays, the KLI canteen people decided to go extra generous by putting samgyetang on the menu, creating an outburst among KLI goers, and, needless to say, all the birds disappeared right after lunch time. Not an unexpected scenario, given how delicious and cheap the samgyetang was (5000 KRW for half of an uber succulent spring chicken).

Summer roses to end this very boring and very chickenized post:


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