[eat] Pretty but mediocre: burgers at Farmer’s Barn @ Insa-dong, Seoul

My recent burger find somehow made me reflect upon all my burger experiences in Korea. Good memories are many, and bad ones aplenty. The super pretty burgers at Farmer’s Barn, sadly, belong to the second category. My main concern with Farmer’s Barn’s fare was the prices. The burgers themselves were not incredibly bad, but for the prices I expected a lot more. For ~15000 KRW a burger and up, you should at least get something that would fill half of your stomach, right? Too bad I didn’t even have 1/5 of my stomach fulfilled here.

When my friend looked at the picture above, she was awed by how big the mushroom was. Truth is, I was amazed by how tiny the burger was -.- This Louis Palace (used to be 12600 KRW; now 15800 KRW) seemed promising to me when I read the list of ingredients: mustard leaf, tomato, mushroom, onion ring, gorgonzola cheese & beef patty. I had high hopes for it, but when the burger came out, I was quite disappointed. It was just ridiculously tiny. I estimated that it was 1/2 of Jacoby’s Burger, 2/3 of a Lotteria burger, and smaller than the standard Kraze Burger. The presentation was absolutely lovely, though.

The mushroom was thick, but neither particularly flavorful nor tender. The onion rings, however, were quite good–crunchy, tasty, and most importantly, not greasy.

The well-cooked, tiny, beef patty was not bad at all. I wanted it to be medium rare, but they don’t seem to grill the patties to individual specifications. I hated both the pickles and that weird sauce under them, though.

Put two parts together, the burger was impossible to eat. Thus you had no choice but to deconstruct it and eat in different parts. Not that I mind actually, because there was hardly any harmony among the ingredients here.

The only redeeming factor was that the burger looked so lovely I couldn’t stop taking pictures…

Hickory nose (11900 KRW; now 13500 KRW) was slightly better. The combination of mustard leaf, tomato, egg, Swiss cheese, onion, and duck bacon made a more coherent burger.

The duck bacon was quite yummy, but I guess that my old school tongue prefers the traditional crispy bacon strips. That sauce on top was a huge distraction and ruined the experience, though.

Melted Swiss cheese covering the thick patty? Approved. But it would have been much, much better if the patty had been bigger.

These adorbs, but tiny, burgers really cost us some money -.- and that was the worst part:

Farmer’s Barn is a very popular burger joint among visitors & Korean food bloggers. I guess that it is only because of burgers’ presentation, as taste wise, they are all quite mediocre. Another problem is that the prices are just simply exorbitant, worse, they seem to raise the prices very often -.-

Farmer’s Barn, Anguk station exit 3:

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