[eat] Chinese lamb skewers at Megak @ Anam, Seoul

I am seriously committed to my new ritual of making a trek to Anam–where Korea University is located–to explore the food scene. That is why yesterday, the 3 of us–2 always-hungry-girls (who also went out with me for Korean BBQ last week) and I–treated ourselves to some yummy lamb skewers at Anam’s local Chinese restaurant MEGAK (미각/味覺)

We ordered 30 skewers for a total of 30000 KRW (10 skewers made one individual portion). The skewers came quite fast with some basic condiments of pickled radish and salted peanuts, for example. Please keep in mind that if you want garlic, you have to ask them. The garlic is, of course, free.

I had tried similar lamb skewers before at Hongdae’s super popular Simyang. My experience at Megak was somewhat similar, but the overall impression was that Simyang’s lamb was slightly better. While I could eat up to 15 or more lamb skewers at Simyang, I gave up upon the last skewer of my portion. Not that the mutton made me full, but I was unable to bear that greasy feeling in my mouth, and felt that if I stuffed one more skewer, I might throw up :-s There was nothing wrong with Megak’s meat, it was fresh, succulent, and tasty; but the only downside, at least for me, was that it was too rich in fat, while the skewers at Simyang are much leaner.

Another difference between Simyang & Megak is that the former’s lamb was slightly salty, while the latter was pretty much bland. While some people may like the unadulterated taste of the meat, I personally wish that they had sprinkled the skewers with some grains of salt, or at least they had salted the dry spice mix.

What we found most amusing was that Megak had an automatic grill *O* The skewers, thus, were grilled nicely and evenly.


Don’t forget to pair the lamb with grilled garlic–a great combo:


Megak is a nice place, and I quite enjoyed my dinner there. It could be a nice place to try if you are in the mood for some Chinese lamb skewers. The place also offers hotpot and other Chinese cuisines.

Megak, Anam station exit 3:


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