[travel] Jeju trip (day 1): First impression & Jeju black pork

Guys, I am enjoying my life on Jeju island with my dearest boyfriend xD It is a 4 day trip and I will try to update my experiences on this gorgeous island as quickly as possible. I arrived in Jeju yesterday via Korean Air, the flight took exactly one hour (3:20 -> 4:20pm) and was very smooth. Perhaps like many first-time visitors to Jeju, I also thought that the island was SMALL and bravely booked a hotel located on the East coast of the island. Turned out that our Feliz Town Hotel was 50km from the airport (took us 40000 KRW to get here). But I have no regret at all. At like 40000 KRW per night, our hotel room is exceeding our every expectation. It is super big, clean, and very, very quiet :O The best thing is that it is near some destinations I really want to visit: Udo island, Jeju Olle Trai route 1, Seopjikoji, and Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak). Most tourists and friends told me that they either stayed in Jeju city (near airport) or Seowipo city (near Jungmun Daepo coast & Jungmun resort), but for us–the antisocial couple–staying in this rural, rustic, and quiet side of the island is ideal.

After checking in, we took a casual stroll along the coast and were rewarded some stunning views during the twilight hours. The weather was just gorgeous with cool breezes and clear blue sky.

Lovely sunset:

We tried the local delicacy–Jeju black pork–at a nearby BBQ restaurant called Green Black Pig (20 min walk from our hotel) and absolutely loved it. The black pork has a stronger taste than ‘normal’ pork and is less gamey. We paid 30000 KRW for 400 grams of pork and were left quite full & very satisfied.


We washed it all down with Jeju special makgeolli xD

The restaurant:

Jeju from my airplane window:

STay tuned for more updates from my 2nd day Jeju report xD


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