[travel] Jeju trip (day 3-1): The Gorgeous Seopjikoji Coast & Canola field

One big reason why I booked a room at Feliz Town Hotel is that it is near Seopjikoji coast–the most beautiful scenery in Jeju – the most beautiful scenery that I have seen in Jeju, that is. For those who stay in Jeju city or Seogwipo city, Seopjikoji is in the middle of nowhere and getting there is cumbersome. That is why many people miss this magnificent coastline, in my opinion, though, Seopjikoji should be a must-visit destination in Jeju. If you stay on the eastern coast of Jeju (in the vicinity of Seongsan Ilchubong), getting to Seopjikoji is a breeze, as it just takes around 10 minutes by taxi.

We thought that Seopjikoji was only a small location for the All In (a Korean drama) set, but it turned out to be a big area of cliffs and a long coastline. We got there by taxi but decided to trek back to Seongsan Harbour along Olle Trail route #2 (yep we are walking maniacs). It was great to enjoy the relaxing pace of Jeju and to explore roads that are less travelled. If you are in a tight schedule, you can totally take a taxi to Seopjikoji and back, but when you let your feet lead the way, you will encounter unexpected surprises.

On the way up to the cliff…

We could saw the church from afar:

Taking photos like a proper tourist :D

The cliff:

The rocky shoreline:

Back to the path leading up to the lighthouse:

The unbeatable view from outside the lighthouse:

We left the lighthouse and went down the coastal trail:

And walked along the beach…

It’s amazing how an aimless walk can lead you to another beautiful place:

We saw a canola field by the road with the entrance fee of 1000 KRW/pax:

It had this corny tangerine gate lol:

But it is still a nice place to take some photos:


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