[travel] Jeju trip (day 3-2): A lava beach & Udo island

An aimless stroll can lead you to great discoveries. After walking past a beautiful canola field following our visit to Seopjikoji, we came across a fabulous lava beach along the road. The beach had Seongsan Ilchulbong as backdrop, how cool is that?

This beach has a name, I saw it when I walked past a bus stop, but I cannot recall its name now. Should you have any idea please tell me >.> Nevertheless, it was absolutely fabulous. The contrast between green algae covering the rocks and the crystal clear water was a sight to behold.

And of course Seongsan Ilchulbong as the background was a bonus point:

Felt like a boss xD

After spending ~15 minutes at the beach, we continued our walk to Seongsan Ilchulbong entrance area, where there are tons of restaurants. We dropped by a seafood restaurant and tried Jeju’s specialty: Seafood soup. It was similar to what we had had for dinner the day before, only this time we had more seafood in a much bigger pot and at a much higher price (40000 KRW for 2).

Yes the pot was just HUGE, and was filled with abalone, shrimp, clams, crabs, a big cuttle fish etc etc.

After lunch, we headed to Udo island. Getting to Udo island–the small version of Jeju, as some say–is relatively easy. We caught the 2pm ferry at Seongsan Harbor (5000 KRW round trip/pax) and it took us 10 mins to get to Udo. The ferry leaves every hour; the last ferry to Udo, however, leaves at 6:30pm, while the last Udo ferry back to Jeju is at 6pm.

I was curious to see Udo because I have seen great reviews of it. However, we were both super tired due to all the walking we had done during the day, so we didn’t enjoy Udo much. The bf didn’t bring his driver’s license so we couldn’t hire a scooter or an ATV. I bet that if you get to drive on your own around the island, it’d feel much better. Left with no choice, we took the Udo tour bus (5000 KRW), which dropped us at 4 different places of interest. We could spend 30 minutes at each place before catching another tour bus to another destination. Unfortunately, we ended up actually getting off at only 2 places: the Udo lighthouse & some cliff/mountain. The bus stopped at 2 beaches but we were not very interested. I’m sure that they are pretty, but our exhaustion won out.

The Udo lighthouse:

Uhm we actually didn’t climb up to where the lighthouse is located lol:

Because we were too busy eating ice cream…

Our second destination was pretty cool:

The Korean way of making a wish:


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