[eat] Sundae gukbab at 부산아지매국밥 @ Anam, Seoul

After my pleasant sundae gukbab experience at The Jinguk, I have completely opened my heart to sundae. Thus my low carb buddy’s suggestion of sundae gukbab for lunch at a sundae joint near Anam station immediately received my nod of approval.

At 부산아지매국밥 (Busan Ajime Gukbab http://busanajimae.com), the two most popular dishes I noticed were ajime gukbab (steamed sliced pork soup served with rice/6000 KRW) & sundae gukbab (sundae soup served with rice/7000 KRW). Add 1000 KRW to each item and you can have their Teuk (special) versions. My sundae gukbab was quite excellent with lots of steamed pork slices and 4 pieces of sundae. The soup was bland at first, but after adding shrimp paste and lots of pepper, I slurped it down to the last drop.

The sundae was not as firm as that at The Jinguk but was comparable in tastiness:



부산아지매국밥 is definitely a good place for a delicious cheap meal, especially for those who crave a steamy bowl of hot soup during these rainy days. Another great food discovery for me in the Anam area. Please bear in mind that the place can get packed for lunchtime and the waiting time can be excessively long >.> (we had to wait for 15 minutes for our orders to come).

When you walk out of Anam station exit 1, make an u-turn and walk to the crossroads, 부산아지매국밥 is just 10 meters away to your left.


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