[eat] Crispy fried birds at 닭잡는파로 @ Anam, Seoul

I am officially jealous of my lowcarb buddy: the food where she lives–Anam–is so much cheaper and, to some extent, better than that in Sinchon (where I reside). After trying Korean BBQ & Chinese lamb skewers for our meat rituals the past 2 weeks, this week I decided that I wanted some chicken. Anam is packed full of chicken joints, and amid this ocean of cooked bird joints, 닭잡는파로 (Dakjabneun Paro–http://www.paro.co.kr) has garnered my friend’s love for its taste and prices.

Like other fried chicken places, 닭잡는파로 gives you a variety of fried pollo to choose from: from original to spicy, from soy sauce to garlic flavor. Aside from these standard fares, they also have the unique Curry fried chicken. I tried the half/half chicken plate (original & soy sauce fried chicken/17000 KRW) & the curry one (16000 KRW). Both are excellent in their own ways. While the former was your standard fried chicken, the huge portion made it all the better. The latter, though much smaller in size, had that aromatic curry flavor and the crunchy coating, which gave it an A in my book.

Half/half fried chicken plate: the original was good, yet the soy sauce was so much better. The coating was on the thick side, though.

17000 KRW for 3 people–great value:

The curry chicken was so so so so good ;A; The coating was super thin & crunchy, enveloping the juicy pollo morsels inside:

Not at all greasy, just incredibly succulent & crispy:


닭잡는파로, Anam station exit 3:


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