[eat] Fresh beef ribs at 형제갈비 @ Sinchon, Seoul

’nuff said.

Okay it’s not that drastic; actually recently I have been to 산적 in Anam quite frequently for my BBQ fix. In fact, I have decided that I will never not go to BBQ buffet anymore for a while, because I am sick and tired of its monotone selection of meat.
Yesterday, however, in the honor of being a winner in a school contest, and, obviously, at the expense of the school’s money, I had the chance of a lifetime to try some expensive beef at 형제갈비 (Hyungje Galbi) in Sinchon. I was, of course, ecstatic. For a third-world country girl who parasitizes on the parents’ & the bf’s compassion-based scholarships, spending 28000 KRW for 280gr of beef is beyond her wildest dream.

As for meat, we ordered 5 portions of Saeng Galbi (28000 KRW for 280gr) for 9 people. I was relatively full after stuffing myself with morsel after morsel of beef (come to think of that, I feel quite ashamed of my behavior yesterday; I should indeed have slowed down my eating speed -.-), but still graciously consumed a bowl of bibim naengmyeon to wash down the protein-laden tingle in my mouth =}

Very basic condiments:

But they are not that important though. With this gorgeous beauty, garnish is redundant. The rib was served unmarinated, and eaters could choose to flavor it or not with some rock salt:

So beautiful I almost had a heart attack:

The smell of grilled meat was unsurpassable:

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Perfectly grilled, juicy, and sweet. That unadulturated beefy flavor and that tender texture were orgasmic.

Actually one reason why I didn’t quite have time to talk to other people and instead concentrated on speed-eating was that the meat could get a bit chewy if left long over the fire.

My bibim naengmyeon, unfortunately, was less satisfying. I didn’t know why, I just felt like it lacked something. Maybe it needed a little more sweetness, or maybe it didn’t need to be too spicy to the point of overshadowing all other flavors:

Mul naengmyeon:

Doenjang jjigae:

I certainly enjoyed my time at 형제갈비, and will of course come back if I don’t have to pay. Though the beef was very yummy, it was not out of this world. It came up to my expectations, but I was prepared to be blown away, to be made dumbfounded, to be enlightened. I was expecting a revelation. If I were to spend a similar amount of money, I would choose Copacabana for an all-you-can-eat steak experience. However, if you are looking for an up-scale Korean BBQ, the conveniently located, spacious, 3-storey 형제갈비 can be a good destination.


형제갈비, Sinchon station exit 3:

And the best thing about yesterday was that Krispy Kreme was right across the street from 형제갈비 xD


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