[eat] The best Gimbap I have ever had in Korea at 고른 햇살 @ Anam, Seoul

A quick post today~ I have been eating out a bit too often lately and am unable to catch up with all the places I have to blog about >.> Plus, semester is coming to an end and I need to hang out with my friends before leaving Korea + to sketch out my upcoming travel itinerary @@
Anyway 2 days ago I went to a tiny Korean restaurant in Anam where they serve the best gimbap I have ever had in Korea. This hole-in-the-walls is an extremely popular place among Korea University students & residents of the Anam area. Gimbab can be found anywhere in Korea, be it a street stall or a high-class Korean restaurant, be it your local 7/11 or the nearby Gimbab Cheonguk, but nowhere, nowhere can you find a better gimbap roll than what you can have at Anam’s 고른 햇살 (Goreun Haetsal).

We three girls ordered 2 gimbap rolls (2500KRW for the tuna roll, 2000KRW for the vegetable one), 1 plate of sundae with pork livers (3000KRW), and 1 bowl of Jjolmyeon (3500KRW). 4000 KRW per head for a filling and very yummy lunch is a wonderful deal I must say.

The gimbap rolls were ridiculously gigantic–bigger than my wrist O_O It was basically a big bowl of black rice (perfectly cooked) evenly spread over a sheet of seaweed, on top of which was a generous amount of different ingredients, and then rolled firmly.

There was so much ingredients on the seaweed sheet that I couldn’t understand why they could make such a solid and firm roll out of it:

The result was pure awesomeness:

Even the vegetable gimbap was quite amazing. It looked great and tasted even better:

Though the list of ingredients in a gimbap roll here is similar to that in other Gimbap joints, I believe that it is the rice that set 고른 햇살 apart and to a different standard. The aromatic black rice had just the perfect amount of moisture and sweetness, which both held the various ingredients together and boosted their individual tastes.

The sundae was quite delicious with firm casings and flavorful filling. Our plate was served warm, which was a big bonus point:

The jjolmyeon–a naengmyeon’s sibling, however, was actually my favorite. It was a bowl of ice cold wheat flour noodle served with half of a boiled egg, sliced vegetables, and the magic sauce (a combination of gochuchang, sugar, garlic, and vinegar). Though a bit heavy on the spicy side, it was surprisingly delicious to me. Jjolmyeon is now officially one of my favorite Korean dishes, but I am quite certain that not many places can do this dish justice, as in the case of naengmyeon. Many Korean restaurants offer naengmyeon, but only a handful can master that addictive harmony of flavors naengmyeon is supposed to have.


고른 햇살, Anam station exit 2:


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