[eat] Delish tofu soup, unpalatable kimchi jjim at 맛있는 순두부&김치찜 @ Sinchon, Seoul

I want to write an all-compliments review on Sinchon’s 24 hour open 맛있는 순두부&김치찜 (Masitneun Sundubu & Kimchijjim), because their reasonably priced, unlimited-refill-of-eggs sundubu jjigae (tofu soup) was among the best I had ever tasted. However, just as I was preparing to fall in love with the place once again by ordering their Tonggalbi Jjim (steamed kimchi and pork ribs), it turned out to be a huge disappointment.

My lowcarb buddy, who deeply understands my plight of being short of money (all the time) and my desire for protein, took me to 맛있는 순두부&김치찜, and promised me a flippin’ good bowl of sizzling tofu soup with UNLIMITED EGGS on the side. And yes, she IS a good friend. I did get a flippin’ awesome bowl of soft as cloud tofu submerged under the spicy broth with 4 eggs added for extra protein >v<

Unlimited side dishes + rice:

The soup:

I was quite happy with my Seafood tofu soup (6000 KRW); there were quite a lot of marine products inside~ cuttle fish, shrimps, clams, oysters etc. And after I shamelessly cracked 4 eggs into the sweltering broth, my humble tofu soup became heaven in a bowl xD

After my very positive first experience with 맛있는 순두부&김치찜, you can imagine how excited I was when we tried their kimchi jjim. We opted for the Tonggalbi Jjim, anticipating a huge pot of flavorful kimchi steamed with succulent pieces of pork ribs. Huge pot? Check. Flavorful kimchi? Very flavorful kimchi. Succulent pieces of pork ribs? Here comes the disappointment.

From the look of it, this seemed to be the perfect kimchi jjim.

The broth was super tasty and well-seasoned. The kimchi was of high quality with its sweet-sour-spicy taste and crunchy texture. But the pork ribs… the pork ribs -.-‘ We all agreed that it was NOT pork ribs, but FROZEN BUFFALO MEAT. The texture of the meat was not that of pork at all. It was extremely dry and stringy. Simply unchewable. To add to the catastrophe, we had to PAY for the rice. Like wtf??? We didn’t have to pay for our tofu soup (6000 KRW) but we had to pay 1000KRW for a bowl of rice, given that our kimchi pot already cost us 20000KRW?? Lady of Justice, you omnipotent creature, where art thou?

Angry and disappointed, we bitterly cracked some eggs into the pot to avenge the restaurant for their unredeemable kimchi jjim ~.~

It’s hard to be happy …


Although the kimchi jjim left me profoundly dissatisfied, I would still recommend 맛있는 순두부&김치찜 for their delicious tofu soup. The place, after all, has many redeeming factors: it is open 24/7, it offers unlimited side dishes, and you can eat as many eggs as you want in addition to your already hearty tofu soup.

맛있는 순두부&김치찜, Sinchon station exit 3:


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