[cafe] Reading the afternoon away at Cafe So Anne @ Daehak-ro, Seoul

Nestled in a hidden alley of the vibrant area of Daehak-ro 대학로 is the little Cafe So Anne. Though just 5 minute walk away from the busy main street, Cafe So Anne enjoys a surprisingly quiet and idyllic atmosphere, making it a pleasant place to unwind, and even more so for a lengthy study session.

Though not spacious, the cafe is bright and neat with big windows, charming wooden tables, and green plants.

Our seating was ideal: comfy sofas, large table, and next to the huge window. The white curtain added a nice touch:

…which made merely studying/reading a crime. The lowcarb buddy and I took a good hour or so taking photos, editing, and instagram-ing them =}}}

Life of a Political Sciences student =}}}}}

Life of another Political Sciences student =}}}}}}}

Our drinks were okay. My hot americano (4500KRW) was er uh hot americano ‘-‘ The buddy’s iced chocolate (6000KRW) was too sweet for my taste (and I have a lot of sweet teeth):


All in all, I enjoyed my time at Cafe So Anne. We sat there for about four hours, and yet there were only 3 other customers came and went. The music was soft enough for us to concentrate on our intellectual tasks (the buddy was studying for her exam, and I reading a book). The drinks are not terrific, but then the number of cafes with terrific drinks in Seoul that I know of is not that great anyway.

Cafe So Anne, Hyehwa station exit 1:


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