[eat] Burrito & Taco at Latino Grill @ Edae, Seoul

I try my best to not be a whiner on the Internet, but I really need to rant. My back gave out on me this morning. I have been having a minor (?) problem with my lower back muscles for >6 months, but today was particularly rough. After getting up and brushing my teeth like a normal person, I stooped down to grab for my shoes and CRACKKKKKKKKKK I felt as if my back had broken in two. I immediately collapsed and have been lying on bed/walking around in my room for the past 12 hours. My back is still hurt severely. That said, anyone has back muscle problem before? Anyway to deal with it? Do I need a surgery? I got all freaked out lying on my own with an empty stomach and weeping big tears like Peter the rabbit caught in Mr. McGregor’s garden. It’s hard to live on your own sometimes I tell you.

Anyway, 2 days ago, when the healthy me was wandering around Edae looking for something to eat I stumbled upon a place called Latino Grill. Somebody had mentioned the name before, along with some compliments. ¿Comida Mexicana para cena? ¿Por qué no? Mumbling some broken español to myself, I bravely crossed the threshold of the tiny place.

Latino Grill was opened ~6 months ago by a very friendly Peruvian guy. I was excited to order one chicken burrito (6500KRW) (yo siempre necesito un burrito, o muchos burritos for that matter) & one pork taco (4000KRW). It took a while for my food to come, but I managed to converse with him in Spanish and felt profoundly proud of my wretched self. You know, just basic stuff like Cómo te llamas, De dónde eres, Dónde vives, Dónde estudias espanõl… but I felt so empowered and dignified.

The owner must have been equally impressed by my language skill, thus he decided to give FREE nachos as appetizer. Mmmm free stuff. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Of course everybody loves nachos. Don’t tell me otherwise. It has all the good things junk food has to offer (crunchy, salty, addictive) without being junk food (or so I tell myself). But but but the salsas were STELLAR. I’m sure that the owner made the salsas himself. They just taste ah-ma-zing. The red salsa which we are so familiar with is so fresh and juicy (if you know what I mean… I don’t), the spicy salsa was much more picante but ridiculously addictive, the green salsa was milder yet more aromatic.

While I was still marveled at the salsa, my big fat burrito came, and it was still hot. Absolutely delish. Though personally I wish he had added some cilantro & more sour cream, as I poured some salsa on top of the roll, I was immediately happy.

The taco was quite decent, but no wow factor there. All the ingredients are fresh and appropriately seasoned, but I seriously thought that some cilantro was needed.

I was a happy customer, though. The owner even gave me COKE FOR FREE.


My experience at Latino Grill was a very positive one. While the food are not ohemgeesostunning, they are still delicious. The great service, however, should make your eating experience all the more enjoyable. Definitely recommended.

Latino Grill, Edae station exit 1 or 2:


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