[tea house] Too luxurious… Parlour Haute Cou-tea @ Itaewon, Seoul

The uber luxurious tea house Parlour Haute Cou-tea (http://www.parlour.co.kr; and is it just me or the place’s name is really corny -.-) has been my to-try list for quite a while. I was blown away by beautiful~~~~ pictures of Parlour’s interior on Korean food blogs. Yet, I always felt like I was not ‘cool enough’ to visit such a fancy, extravagant, upscale tea room :-s After my visit to Parlour yesterday, I am quite certain that I don’t belong to that kind of lavish, expensive life anyway >v<

Like the extremely beautiful Cafe Oui in Apgujeong, Parlour attracts its customers, I believe, with its lavish decor and opulent atmosphere, because the menu has nothing special to write about. While the two cakes we tried: Cake crêpe something (8500 KRW) & Carrot cake (7000 KRW) were quite delish, albeit overpriced, the lowcarb buddy’s Apple juice (8000 KRW) was hideous. However, as mentioned earlier, I don’t belong to a rich lifestyle, thus I didn’t feel relaxed, I didn’t feel like I could unwind at Parlour. The white & purple lights gave Parlour a romantic, yet a bit too grand feel (at Cafe Oui, the bright sunlight simply and immediately lightened my mood). The white sofas and couches looked absolutely sumptuous, but actually felt a bit uncomfortable. Everything was beautiful and meticulously designed, the cakes were good, but I didn’t enjoy my time there at all.

Parlour is located at the basement of some very big and ‘polished’ building, along with some other restaurants which were comparable to it in scale and design:

Once we stepped inside, the chandelier was an immediate eye-catcher:

Sweets on display:

Because this is a Haute Cou-tea, the high-fashion element is rampant prevalent. The walls are decorated with Vogue covers, the cookies are made to resemble miniature clothing/cosmetics items… Personally I found it kind of cheap and annoying:

But I was simply stunned by the decor :-s

Where we were seated:

And me trying to look sophisticated/cultured/civilized:

Our orders, 2 yummy cakes and (canned) apple juice. For 8000 KRW, the juice was such a flop. To the lowcarb buddy reading this post: I am very sorry -.-‘

Cakes >v<

The cake crêpe something (sorry can’t remember the name) was my favorite. Fluffy layers of crêpe are separated only by even lighter, slightly sweet, and chilled coatings of fresh cream.

The carrot cake was quite good, but the filling didn’t have enough that warm-and-sweet-and-spicy kick from cinnamon. Plus, I found the icing a bit too bland and boring.

Leaving Parlour, I only had one thing in mind and told myself repeatedly: Don’t try to be what you are not meant to be, don’t go to places you are sure you won’t fit.

I look better here than in the photo I took at Parlour…

Parlour, Hangangjin station exit 1 (one stop away from Itaewon):

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