[eat] Bulgogi lunch set at Bulgogi Brothers @ Hongdae, Seoul

I have heard lots of compliments about Bulgogi Brothers–a slightly more upscale Korean restaurant that specializes in, obviously, bulgogi. I am particularly fond of bulgogi, the beef, if done right, is tender and flavorful, and who thought that sweet (like literally sugar-sweet) meat can taste so good? Yet, I have met quite a few people who dislike this meaty sweet dish profoundly. A matter of personal opinion indeed.

The wonderful Eunhae took me to Bulgogi Brothers to try their lunch set (11900 KRW), which consists of quite a generous amount of bulgogi & a bunch of other side dishes. Considering how expensive beef is in Korea, and a bowl of bulgogi itself rarely costs less than 6000 KRW even in the most modest Korean restaurants, our lunch set was a great deal. Another bonus point is that Bulgogi Brothers has a great ambience and the service is quite impressive.

Before the meat came we were offered an array of side dishes:

A small portion of fried chicken & salad xD

This white ‘bread’ was super yummy, slightly sweet and smelled great. The sweetened appetizer was a great start for our pan of sweetened tender beef slices:

Beef slices with mushrooms and sliced onions:

Quite an excellent pan indeed. Our beef was very tender, and had just the right amount of sweetness (it is often the case that sugar is added to bulgogi with a heavy hand). The aromatic, spicy black pepper lent the meat a pleasant kick:

Though we had complimentary rice to pair with the bulgogi, Eunhae suggested adding glass noodle & broth (you have to pay for them of course) to the pan so we could have a bulgogi ‘soup’ instead of stir-fried bulgogi. The staff, however, took a bit long to process her order, and while we were waiting for additional ingredients, our pan started to burn @.@ I am all for slightly burnt food (yes, anything bad for your health tastes great, the irony), but the staff politely apologized for the charred pan and offered us another pan to replace >v< Of course, I would opt for a completely new pan of bulgogi any day xDDDD



Overall, a great meal. To Eunhae: Thanks a lotttt for taking me there. I had wanted to try Bulgogi Brothers since foreverrrr but never had time and/or the right person to go with. It was indeed worth the wait. I highly recommend this place, especially if you are into bulgogi.

Bulgogi Brothers is a chain and has various branches in and outside Korea. This is the review for the Hongdae location. For their menu, please visit http://bulgogibros.com

Bulgogi Brothers, Hongdae station exit 1 or Hapjeong station exit 2:


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