[cafe] Review of Peony in Hongdae & 102 Tree in Anam, Seoul

Greetings from Japan >v< I arrived in Japan yesterday and am about to explore Tokyo with my friend. So excited and can't wait to share my experience here in this land :DDD I'm pressed for time, so here is a quick review of two places: 102 Tree in Anam & Peony in Hongdae.
In the Best Pastries in Seoul article on CNNGo (now CNN Travel), Peony in Hongdae is listed as having ‘Best “Korean-style” cake and tart’ with their Kabocha Tart. I have passed by Peony many many times and always told myself to try it out. It was never the right time to drop in the famous shop until yesterday. It was small, but literally packed with people. In an area like Hongdae, where you can find a cafe every 5 meters, almost all of which serve coffee with pastries, a packed cafe/cake shop does say a lot.

Eunhae and I chose the Strawberry with fresh cream cake (4800 KRW/piece). Holding our precious piece of cake in the cute paper box, we then headed to the Peony cafe next door to find a seat and enjoy our sweet treat:

Pastries on display:

Cafe Peony:

The drink menu:

We found a seat xD

A latte with our cake:

Well our cake tasted as great as it looked. The fresh cream layer was light and smooth; the sponge was fluffy and had the right amount of moisture; the hidden slices of strawberry added a fresh and slightly sour taste to each velvety bite:

Peony, Hapjeong station 3 or Sangsu station exit 1:

I also went to 102 Tree, a cafe in Anam recently and quite enjoyed the atmosphere. The modest 1 floor cafe has a modern vibe to it with sleek black and white decor and huge windows. A lovely place in Anam indeed and worth checking out if you happen to be around. Oh and the drinks are relatively cheap compared to other coffee shops/chains >v<

Green Tea Frappe (5500 KRW) & Cold Americano (3800 KRW):

The Frappe was surprisingly yummy considering its price:


Outside seating:

102 Tree, Anam station exit 4:


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