[eat] Pigging out and about in Tokyo: Takoyaki, Tempura, Sushi, and Hawaiian pancakes!

Tokyo Tokyo~~~~~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Yesterday, with the wonderful Mizza, I had a Tokyo whirlwind trip, with Asakusa & Sensoji Temple, Hamarikyu gardens, Zojoji Temple, Tokyo Tower (both old and new), Shibuya, and Harajuku as destinations. We took the subway, the railway, the Tokyo Cruise ship, and walked, walked a hella lot, around and into Tokyo. While I am waiting for professional photos courtesy of Mizza’s professional camera, this is a spam post (with pictures, of course, amateurishly taken by my Samsung Galaxy S2 as usual) of what I ate in one day in Tokyo. Our day kicked off with some scorching hot Takoyaki near Sensoji Temple. For lunch, Mizza took me to a popular tempura chain called Tendon Tenya in the Asakusa neighborhood. No trip to Japan is completed without Sushi, thus we enjoyably dined at the insanely famous and outrageously popular Umegaoka Sushi No Midori 美登利総 in Mark City Shibuya. Something missing? Yes, you’re right. Where is the sweet, decadent, bad-for-your-health-good-for-your-tongue, dessert? With that it mind, we went to Sunday Jam located on the bustling Harajuku street for some sinful pancake bites. I love eating, I seriously do.

We started our trip at 9:30am without breakfast. Thus we naturally became hungry after just less than one hour of walking around Sensoji Temple and our sense of smell became intensely sensitive, especially to the yummy aroma of Takoyaki. I had tried takoyaki before in Korea and was not at all impressed. It was just a ball of hot stuff that tasted like a mixture of ginger and something fishy/marine. As bad as my prior impression was, I should give the real Takoyaki in its homeland a try, shouldn’t I?

The takoyaki balls here (500 yen for 6) were much bigger than their counterparts in Korea, and of course tasted much better. I could actually detect the piece of octopus inside each ball, accompanied by an intense punch of ginger. Though I carefully poked several holes in each ball and waited a while before eating them, my mouth still got burnt :-s Moral of the story: poke more holes and wait longer, no matter how much you want to devour these cute, harmless-looking orbs.

For lunch, we went to Tenya, a Japanese restaurant chain, which specializes in tempura (battered then deep fried vegetable & seafood) and tendon (tempura served on top of rice).

I chose the 500 yen option (with vegetable tempura, one fish and one shrimp tempura), while Mizza went for the 580 yen one (vegetable & 2 shrimp tempura). Each don (bowl) came with complimentary miso soup:

Super filling and quite yummy for their prices:

I heard that the tendon sets here are much cheaper compared to those in non-chain restaurants because while those at the later are battered and fried on the spot, the tempura at Tenya are precooked, frozen, then reheated. Obviously I prefer the fresh tempura, but Tenya is a good place for a quick cheap lunch in the expensive Tokyo.


Now is the fun part. After lunch, we took the Tokyo cruise to Hama Rikyu Gardens and spent a couple of hours there before heading to Zojoji Temple & the Tokyo (old) tower. Walking back from Zojoji to Daimon station, I could hear our stomaches grumbling. Next destination? SUSHIIIIIII. We took the subway to Shibuya station, where No Midori–a modest in size, yet insane in popularity, sushi restaurant is located (you can read more raving reviews about it on TripAdvisor). Yes it is INSANELY popular, so expect to queue for a longggg time if you arrive at lunch/dinner time. We were there at around 4:30pm, and only had to wait for 10 minutes. By the time we were done, the queue was as long as the river flows =}

The sushi set I had in No Midori was hands down the best sushi I had ever had in my entire life. Think about it, after 21 years of existence I finally know what sushi should taste like. It was a thrilling experience. And my experience didn’t come expensive at all. 850 yen for a sushi set which consists of 14 pieces made from the freshest ingredients was a great great great deal. I just… I can’t…………… I want to cry thinking about my sushi, MY SUSHI. So good I could swallow my tongue. So so good. Each bite a chorus of angels sing seriously. #incoherence #hyperventilation #asdfghjklkjhgfdsaghjkl #lifeisgoodwithrealsushi #ienvyjapanesepeople

Each piece was just so biggg:

I loved all of them, but I especially loved this fishy bite :(((((

We also ordered 4 extra maki-sushi (>400 yen) and Mizza couldn’t stop herself from ordering another plate of 4 pieces of sushi served with lemons (can’t remember the name but it didn’t come too cheap).

Maki-sushi ;A;

These are fish and shellfish on top ;~~~; the lemon added such a sophisticated, sultry touch to each bite:

Full from our sushi feast, we took a stroll around Shibuya, and then headed to the worldwide famous streets of Harajuku. The stroll turned out to be an arduous walk, as we were both exhausted from all the walking we had done during the day. Before getting back to Harajuku station to catch our train back home, we stumbled upon Sunday Jam and decided to drop by for dessert.

We shared our order of GIGANTIC Honolulu Pancake Nuts&Maple (1300 yen), with macadamia inside the pancakes and served with whipped cream and bacon (or sausages). I have never seen pancakes bigger than these:

They were really good, not extremely good, but very very good. I really liked how the salty bacon went so well with the sweet buttery pancakes and fluffy whipped cream:

Decadent beauty >v<

My day trip to Tokyo was filled with great eats and great destinations. Tokyo is definitely full of fun and surprises *(*´∀`*)☆ Though the trip tired me inside out the next day (aka today; I spent the whole day sitting at Starbucks before eating a huge dinner at my friend’s favorite sushi restaurant), I can’t wait to spend more time in Tokyo tomorrow before heading to Kyoto (●⌒∇⌒●)


7 thoughts on “[eat] Pigging out and about in Tokyo: Takoyaki, Tempura, Sushi, and Hawaiian pancakes!

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  2. Now this will help me where to go when I’m planning on taking a vacation to Tokyo next year~ what I’m still not sure of is just should I hire a personal tour guide or just wandering around by myself and get lost…and…ended up in Police station lol joke~
    Oh well, thanks for the (extreme food) blogging Lacry~ I’m going to read the next part before indulging myself to my own homemade caramel butter pancake~ ;~;

    • Japan is wonderful. I love every second being here. But why not spare a few days to explore other parts of Japan? I adore Kyoto, and I think that I prefer it much more to Tokyo.

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