[eat] Wonderful Buttermilk pancakes & Eggs Benedict at Honey Bowl @ Hongdae, Seoul

Eggs Benedict is no longer a novelty in Korean brunch restaurants, Itaewon/Noksapyeong is no longer the one and only destination should you crave this American specialty. But, of course, quantity rarely speaks for quality; it is often the case that the poached eggs are either too runny or too hard, Hollandaise sauce too sour or salty. At Honey Bowl–a tiny yet whimsically designed restaurant with all-day brunch on offer, we had the chance to try one of the best Eggs Benedict in town.

The menu, displayed on an iPad 2, consists of usual brunch fare: pancakes, French toast, eggs Benedict, soup, and salads. We ordered Eggs Benedict (13500 KRW) & Buttermilk pancakes with Honey Bowl butter & maple syrup (5500 KRW) and fell in love with both of them. The prices, admittedly, are a bit steep, but the food quality, dare I say, is superior to their counterparts elsewhere (Gangnam). We had to wait for a good 20 minutes before our dishes came (there was only one guy doing everything from taking order to cooking to cleaning tables lol). Just when we grew restless (a hungry Thai is an angry Thai), our food came in all its glory:

Buttermilk pancakes–don’t undermine their simple appearance. Our pancakes were among the best I had ever tried. Perfectly cooked, fluffy as cloud, and smelt terrific. To pair with each moist, airy, creamy bite is Honey Bowl’s special butter, slightly sweet, soft as the softest whipped cream.

Even better with some maple syrup on top:

Still feel like crying thinking about them:

The Eggs Benedict were equally fabulous. Eggs were poached just right, oozing warm, golden egg yolk. The sauce was near perfect (I wanted a tad more of that lemony acidity, but it’s a matter of personal preference), and the bacon smelt like heaven. As a twist to the classic dish, a slice of tomato was added for an extra fresh kick. The balsamic salad, with the surprising ingredient of sautéed mushrooms (never seen the same thing in any brunch plate in Korea before), stood out.


Honey Bowl was a pleasant surprise for me. While I adored the eggs Benedict, I found myself still thinking about the velvety, buttery pancakes even after several days. Definitely worth checking out. For the full menu please go to http://www.honey-bowl.co.kr

Honey Bowl, Sangsu station exit 1:


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