[travel] The green city of Tsukuba & sushi dinner at the fabulous Hamazushi

Greetings from Kyoto! After lots of ups and downs and lefts and rights and everything in between, we made to Kyoto safe and sound at 6:00 this morning. We managed to visit 3 popular places in Kyoto before we checked in our gorgeous hostel Mundo Chiquito OvO Well more details on my first day in Kyoto later – now I have to write about my short stay in Tsukuba, a city in Ibaraki. I stayed there for 2 nights with my friend, a student at the University of Tsukuba, and absolutely envy her life to no end ;~~~; Tsukuba has everything I could ask for in a city: it feels both modern and rural, it has lots and lots of green spaces, and the people are extremely friendly and polite >v< But the biggest bonus point is that Tsukuba has one of (or THE ONE?) cheapest and best sushi restaurants you could ever ask for: はま寿司 Hamazushi.

At Hamazushi (a chain sushi restaurant with several branches in Japan, I remember that there is another one in Osaka, but that’s all I remember), each sushi plate (normally consisting of 2 pieces, though some plates only have one ‘premium’ piece of sushi) costs you only 94 yen. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I MEAN, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? Even sushi in Korea is MORE expensive than that at Hamazushi. And no the price does not reflect the quality. Each and every piece of sushi is gorgeously delicious. They taste fresh, well-seasoned, and well on par with the more expensive counterparts elsewhere. All that you need to worry about is to pick which type of sushi to eat, because all of them look orgasmic. I am not sure where all you can find Hamazushi in Japan, but my advice is: GO FOR IT WHENEVER YOU SPOT THE SIGN. You won’t regret, I promise. The feeling of sitting there like a boss waiting for piece after piece of the most delectable sushi teasingly move before your eyes on the conveyor belt is something you will cherish forever.

Self service, free green tea:



The meat sushi was, let me tell you, dangerously good:


Yes I know you guys are envious of me, deeply. Bwahahahahahah GO AHEAD >:))))))))
Look at all the sushi guys. Loookkkk. 19 plates of sushi eventually filled our bellies to the seams. And the bill came us ~900yen per head. NOW. THAT. IS. NOT. JUST. A. GOOD. DEAL. IT. IS. A. STEAL.

And here are some pictures of University of Tsukuba campus:


I could sleep on the roads seriously.

And some more photos of Tsukuba~

3 thoughts on “[travel] The green city of Tsukuba & sushi dinner at the fabulous Hamazushi

  1. Amazing price and yes they look mouth watering Q_Q
    Will keep my eyes open if I am in Japan thanks for the great tipp!

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