[travel] Our 1.5 day trip to Osaka

After my meditative time in Kyoto, little did I expect that my next and final destination in Japan, Osaka, would blow me away with its noise & bustle, with the most chaotic atmosphere I had ever experienced in my life ~.~ I am allergic to noise, and the higher the density of human beings per square meter, the more easily I become irritated. Given this, Osaka, the former commercial center of Japan, scared the heck out of me with its notorious hectic lifestyle :\ The extremely hot and humid weather didn’t help either. That’s why, we, already exhausted from 3 days of intense walking in Kyoto, decided to take it easy in Osaka. Easy we did take it, as during our 1.5 days there, we only went to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Osaka Castle, and experienced the nightlife at Osaka’s busy, hip Dotonbori.

So, for our first FULL day in Osaka, we spent ~5 (FIVE) hours at the Aquarium Kaiyukan (entrance fee 2400 yen), and 2 hours in the evening at Dotonbori. But I have no regrets about that. I loved loved loved the aquarium. Definitely the best and biggest aquarium I have ever seen.

I am always and forever fascinated by fish. But but but there was one thing there that was even more mindblowing…

SEA OTTERS. OMFG SEA OTTERS. CUTEST CREATURES (after all cats) EVERRRRRR. They were insanely cute, ridiculously cute, manically cute, hyperventilatingly cute. We spent >1 hour squealing at them. The way the floated on the waters while still sleeping. The way they swam. The way they broke the ice and ate it. The way they were. Pure cuteness. Pure perfection.

Apparently this is the only appropriate way to eat ice cubes xD

Let’s not forget other amazing creatures shall we?

Sardines! My favorite sushi ingredient =}

Shark is another kind of fish I am especially fond of…

And jelly fish. They were just awesome.

The color-changing ones seriously blew my mind :O

After our dazzlingly brilliant time at the (AC-ed!) aquarium, we grudgingly trudged back to the real world of humans, of heat, of humidity. We pretty much just wanted to chill at our guest house in our (AC-ed!!) room, but we were living like 3 minute away from Osaka’s most famous Dotonbori street, so we thought we really should give it a try. Not my thing, obviously. Too many people. Too much noise. Everything looked corny & tacky.

The only quiet corner of the area was also stained by cigarette butts, vomit, and everything disgusting in between.

Glico–the icon of Dotonbori:

The next day, we went to the iconic Osaka Castle (entrance fee 500 yen). It was huge and beautiful, definitely a must-go place, but actually I still prefer the Aquarium =}

The castle was gorgeous:

View from the top floor:

After our visit to the castle, we headed back to our favorite sushi restaurant in Osaka, and then said goodbye to Osaka and to each other. My post tomorrow on Osaka’s food (awesome stuff) will wrap up my report on my trip to Japan (;へ:)


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