[eat] Heart attack assured: Hong Kong-style French Toast at Lok Yuen @ Kowloon City, Hong Kong

Two pieces of thick toast, soaked in egg batter and deep fried, before being slathered in peanut butter and served with even more butter AND syrup. Doesn’t this deeply comforting food, which is ubiquitous in Hong Kong, sound like the most decadent thing ever?

Hong Kong-style French toast–that’s what I am talking about. At 樂園 Lok Yuen–a small stall on the 3rd floor of the Kowloon City Municipal Services Buildling–I had the unfortunate chance to stuff my face with these addictive, over-the-top, calorie-inflated, notorious French toasts. One of the most bitter ironies of life is that the more satisfying your food is, the more likely it will send you to the grave. With each bite of my toast, I could feel my arteries clogging and see my potential for heart failure increase ever faster.

But, I mean, who cares? Just looks at these babies.

We ordered one portion of Original French toast (16 HKD) & one of satay beef stuffed French toast (26 HKD), along with an Iced coffee (14 HKD) & Lok Yuen’s signature drink milk tea with red beans (19 HKD), and I loved every single item. While the Original toast was sweet, fluffy, and buttery, resembling a comforting hug, the satay Beef left us stupefied, as neither of us expected that the spicy, savory, gravy coated chunks of beef could go so well with the sinfully sugary, decadently honeyed toast.

Look at the glaze on top =} I feel like I can get cavities just by looking at them…

The coffee was quite decent, and I found myself truly enjoying their Tea with red bean drink (apparently you can also order Coffee with red bean as well). The two seemingly unrelated ingredients turned out to elevate each other’s flavor harmoniously.


(Don’t worry if you can’t read Chinese, as the staff can communicate in English quite well.)

樂園 Lok Yuen: Shop 6, 3/F, Kowloon City Municipal Services Buildling, Nga Tsin Wai Ro, Kowloon City


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