[eat] Eat my way out in Central: Burgers at Shake ‘Em Buns & Jianbing @ Mr.Bing & Bubble tea @ Gong Cha

I don’t usually make the trek to Hong Kong Island, but when I do, it is for food >v< Today, the bf took me to a hip, sassy, burger joint in Central, Shake ‘Em Buns for lunch, followed by jianbing at the new buzz in town Mr.Bing. As I happily discovered a few days ago that Gong Cha, a celebrated bubble tea chain which has the best bubble tea in the world, sells their drinks in Hong Kong at such low prices (in fact, about half the price in Korea), I have been tanking myself up with a huge cup of Gong Cha every day. Of course, today was no exception.

At Shake ‘Em Buns, we were among the first customers to arrive. After around 20 minutes, hungry eaters started to fill the place. Our order took a while to arrive, but was worth the wait. We spent some time pondering the sassy menu and decided to go with a single ‘Red on the neck’ and a ‘South of the border’ combo (which included a soft drink and a portion of ‘Poutine Eh’).

Though visually they were not the most stunning burgers ever:

They were actually very yummy. The ‘South of the border’ had that creamy, buttery texture from the guacamole & sour cream, and the home-made salsa gave it a fresh, acidic, spicy kick. The patty looked dry, but had enough moisture. The salsa, however, was still the star.

We both preferred ‘Red on the neck’, though by a very small margin. I loved the chili (but then I just love chili in general). But if I really have to be an ass of a critic, I’d say I wish the chili had been spicier, and a lot more chili would be appreciated.

Nice buns:

The Poutine was not very authentic. Cheese curds were missing, replaced by melted strings of mozzarella cheese. Still addictive though. We basically licked our portion clean.

Overall, comforting, delicious, reasonably priced (for Central) burgers & fries. Totally worth our trek to Central:

Shake ‘Em Buns: UG/F, 76 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.

After walking around the lively, busy, awesome, Central, we unfortunate souls couldn’t take in any more of the excitement of the place (or the heat, humidity, and crowds). As we were trudging back to the subway under the scorchinggggg sun, the bf spotted Mr.Bing–a tiny, colorful, street crepe joint modestly located on Wellington Street. I had heard about Mr.Bing’s jianbing before, and the bf is a fan of that extremely popular Beijing’s street food, so we simply had to check it out. Our Original bing set didn’t come up to our expectations, sadly. The bing itself was too salty. According to the bf, it had all the right ingredients (I especially loved the generous amount of cilantro hidden in the crepe), but obviously too much sauce was added, and the crunchy interior did not stay crispy. A shame, as I wanted to like it so badly, the list of ingredients sounded so right.

Shouldn’t have paid for this drink >-<

Our crepe was cut in half:

Smelled delish…

But too salty:

Though I didn’t enjoy our jianbing, watching it being made was cool:

Mr. Bing: G/F, 83 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.

The amount of salt I got in our crepe was the perfect excuse to soothe my precious palate with a hugeeeee Gong Cha. I usually ordered Gong Cha Milk Green Tea (in Korea it’s called House Special Milk Green Tea btw; the ‘House special’ is used interchangeably with ‘Gong Cha’ to refer to the tea with their trademark salty cream on top), but today I went with Gong Cha Oolong Tea. Delicious and refreshing, but I’d go back to my beloved Green tea next time.


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