[eat] A dimsum feast at the Michelin starred One Dim Sum @ Mongkok, Hong Kong

Today marks my first experience at a Michelin starred restaurant, and the best part was that the meal didn’t come with a high price tag. At ~150HKD for 2 people (= 21000 KRW, which could only buy me a mediocre meal in Korea), we filled ourselves to the brim with some of the most delicious dimsum in town at 一點心 One Dim Sum. Like the oh-so-famous Tim Ho Wan (I bet that when one mentions Michelin starred dimsum joints, Tim Ho Wan is probably what they have in mind), One Dim Sum is probably the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. Unlike Tim Ho Wan, however, One Dim Sum seems to receive much less hype, and according to the bf, the food there is in general better than that at Tim Ho Wan. While I am certain that I will post about Tim Ho Wan in the future, for now, I have to agree with the bf that the dimsum we had at One Dim Sum were anything but ordinary.

We arrived at One Dim Sum at around 2pm and were luckily to be seated right away without having to queue (the queue is usually crazy long during lunch/dinner time and weekends). We decided to try a bunch of different dimsum dishes as every item was extremely affordable.

Our Baked BBQ pork buns & Fried dumplings with salted meat came first, along with the mandatory tea (at HK$3 per person):

I started the feast with a mouthful of this crispy chewy glutinous rice ball. To add to the addictive texture, the salted meat in a delectable gravy made these balls even more delish.

The baked BBQ pork buns, however, were nothing extraordinary. The buns were okay on their own, if a bit soft, but the dipping sauce was annoyingly pungent.

Steamed shrimp dumpling (Har gao) are one of my favorite foods, and they certainly did them justice here. The shrimps were fresh and bursting with flavor, and somehow they managed to fit three shrimp into every dumpling!

The beef ribs with black pepper were stellar as well. Don’t underestimate the taste by how ugly modest this dish looks. The meat was slightly chewy, but in a good way. And the black pepper sauce, oh my! The generous amount of black pepper made my stomach giggle with happiness. Instant love.

If there is one type of dim sum I like more than har gao, it would be the glutinous rice dumpling (Lor mai gai). I had tried numerous lor mai gai before, but this time I was dumbfounded. Hands down the best dumpling of my life. The glutinous rice was steamed to perfection, extremely moist while still retaining its texture. Packed within the aromatic rice were chunks of delectable chicken, cha siu pork, mushrooms, and a salted egg yolk. There was more meat packed in here than in five average lor mai gais!

It may look small, but was actually very fulfilling. The bf and I were both full after sharing this pretty thing :-s

The steamed chicken rice with mushroom was excellent, and it was a shame that we were already full before we had a chance to dig in to this impressive dish. The rice, again, was cooked to perfection, and the chunks of chicken were well seasoned and marinated. I especially loved how the flavors from the mushrooms and ginger both exploded with each succulent bite of chicken.

As we were too full to the point of being unable to breathe after the two hearty rice dishes, we found it hard to enjoy our Steamed rice noodle with barbecued pork. It was not the best I had ever tried, though. The rolls should have a melt-in-your-mouth texture without being sticky, and the cha siu inside should be more flavorful. Both criteria in my book were not met here.

Our last order, Steamed beef stomach (i.e. tripe) w/ scallion, ended the feast in a yummy note. The tripe had an interesting texture, and was joyfully chewy. The cilantro and an unidentified spiciness gave our dish a completely different flavor to that of any other dim sum restaurant we’ve been at, and I must say we both loved this aromatic addition:

I absolutely enjoyed my lunch at One Dim Sum, as it was one of the better dimsum feasts I have ever had. Though a few dishes were not that earth shattering, some were indeed excellent. The lor mai gai, for example, will be the benchmark for me to judge its counterparts from now on.

One Dim Sum, Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong (a short walking distance from both Mongkok East & Prince Edward stations)


6 thoughts on “[eat] A dimsum feast at the Michelin starred One Dim Sum @ Mongkok, Hong Kong

    • I have never eaten at any other Michelin starred resto so I really don’t know. Compared to many other dimsum joints I have been to, though, One Dimsum is better, but by a small margin.

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