[eat] Chicken rice at 漢年茶餐廳 & Fried chicken at Hot Star Chicken @ Tai Wai, Hong Kong

I love anything chicken, seriously. It is one life-long romance I have long fondly embracing and won’t likely let it go. How can I let it go, seriously, when I am basically surrounded by chicken all the time? Korea is the land of chicken; chicken is the cheapest meat you can find in a Korean supermarket. They elevate fried chicken to a whole new level, while at the same time come up with numerous ways to spice up a pollo. Now, even when I am in Hong Kong, my sleep at night is still haunted by the fabulous fried chicken at the nearby Hot Star Chicken (a Taiwanese snack shop & Deli with branches in Hong Kong). Worse still, I have officially been diagnosed with a new obsession: Salted chicken fried rice at 漢年茶餐廳 (Hong Lin Restaurant).

Just 3 minute away from our apartment lies a modest and tiny, yet ultra crowded restaurant called 漢年茶餐廳 (Hong Lin). The place is always packed during lunch & dinner time, and closes fairly early (~7:30pm). I have no interest in going to a packed place, as I hate the crowd. But as soon as I found out that Hong Lin is famous for their chicken rice, the chicken groupie in me immediately impelled me to check it out.

We arrived at Hong Lin at ~2pm and had to share the table with 3 other people. Most customers were having chicken rice or chicken noodles, so it seemed like chicken rice was the most popular item there indeed. After studying the all-Chinese menu, the bf decided to order one portion of ‘Salted chicken rice’ (36 HKD) and one of ‘Pork ribs and pickled mustard green fried rice’. We added 8HKD to upgrade normal rice to fried rice. If you can’t read Chinese, I already highlighted what we ordered in the 3rd picture:

My chicken rice was the best chicken rice I had ever had. It was simply amazing. I had tried chicken rice in Malaysia before (mind you, Haianese chicken rice in Malaysia is considered one of the national cuisines), but none came close to what I had here. The rice was indeed cooked in chicken broth, you could taste the lingering aroma of chicken in each grain of perfectly cooked rice. The chicken was super moist, juicy, and extremely well seasoned. I finished my whole big portion without leaving the tiniest bit of leftover (not even a bite for the bf).

My bf’s Pork ribs rice was very good too, but how can pork be compared to chicken?!

Hong Lin has officially become my new favorite place in Hong Kong. If you are looking for a place with stunning chicken rice, this is the place.
Hong Lin restaurant, 100 Chik Fu St, Tai Wai, Tai Wai, HK.

Just a 3-minute walk from Hong Lin is Hot Star Chicken, where the best fried chicken in Hong Kong is sold at an extremely affordable price. For 28 HKD, you can get 3 big wings, or 3 juicy drum sticks, or a HUGE chicken breast, or a bag of most delish chicken nuggets ever (real chicken meat, not like those McDonalds shredded skin/fat nuggets). I love Hot Star Chicken. I adore it. I simply have to eat their chicken every couple of days or I would go nuts, seriously.

Chicken nuggets–crispy, yummy, addictive. They are so insanely crispy you have no idea. When I was skype-ing with the bf, he happened to be chewing these nuggets at the same time, and I could hear that crackling sound as he happily devoured these sweet babies:

Serve these nuggets with their sweet potato chips xD Heavenly:

And here are some juiciest wings & legs:

Look at how crispy the breading is:

Pair them with some beer:

And prepare to swallow your tongue:

Hot Star Fried Chicken has several branches in Hong Kong, this is the review for the one in Tai Wai. Go out of exit A Tai Wai Station, cross the street on your left and walk for a short distance.


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