[eat] Kalguksu at 부부손칼국수 @ Anam, Seoul

LaCrymaMosa: Guys, this is my friend aka my contributor’s first post xD Yes, I am leaving Korea for a year, but this blog will still remain a Seoul (and other cities) food blog.

Kalguksu is a Korean dish consisting of handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles served in a large bowl with broth and other ingredients.

While I am a big fan of the dish, it is hard to find a good kalguksu place that suits my taste. Either the broth is too bland or the noodles are often overcooked. The last time I had a perfect bowl of kalguksu was almost a year ago, and it wasn’t even in Seoul. Last weekend, in a desperate search to quench my kalguksu thirst, I finally found the place.

We ordered two 바지락손칼국수 (Clam kalguksu) and one 들깨손칼국수 (Perilla seed kalguksu).


Perilla seed kalguksu


The broth was too thick for me, so thick it tasted like congee.


The clam kalguksu was a delight. The broth was light, the noodles were soft, together making every slurp a harmony.


The kimchi was A+.





부부손칼국수, Anam Station, Exit 3:



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