[eat] Nasi lemak at Sister’s Kitchen & Take away sushi @ Diamond Hill, Hong Kong

Did I tell everyone that at almost every subway station in Hong Kong there is a (or more than one) huge mall? Yeah, I did. But I have never divulged the name of my favorite stop, yet. Yessssss, the stop’s name is Diamond Hill; and the reason for it being my fav’ babe is, of course, the food I can find there. In case you didn’t know, Diamond Hill is the very station you need to get off at for the gorgeous Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery, but I have found myself at Diamond Hill more than 3 times, and my every visit there is not complete without eating Malaysian food at the mall right outside exit C of the station, Plaza Hollywood, and buying one (or two) box of takeaway sushi at the tiny Sushi take out stall inside Diamond Hill Station.

If you have been to SEA countries like Malaysia or Singapore, the name Food Republic should ring a bell to you. Yep, the best food court out there is present in Hong Kong in case you wonder. I love Food Republic’s stuff. They are cheap, they are tasty, and in most cases, are authentic enough. When I travelled to Malaysia, no matter how much I wanted to eat at hawker stores and to enjoy street foods, how much I would love to stuff my face with the incredibly cheap and tasty local eats, I found myself more willing to eat at Food Republic. After all, the food outside might be slightly better, but I certainly wanted to eat in an AC-ed environment…

Ugh let’s not talk about the heat. Anyway, you get my point, I really do like Food Republic. At the FR outlet at Plaza Hollywood, I, however, stick to one, and one stall only: Sister’s Kitchen, specializing in Malaysian food.

Both the bf and I are big fans of Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi lemak. This simple dish is a harmony between fragrant rice & well cooked protein (my favorite choice of protein is, of course, chicken), as well as with a bunch of ‘sides’, consisting of peanuts, a boiled egg, some vegetable, anchovies, and sambal. It has everything, the smell (what can beat that coconuty flavor hidden in each grain of rice? I tell you, nothing), the color (I always count at least 5 colors on each plate of Nasi lemak), the texture (soft rice, crunchy peanuts), and the taste. Ugh, the taste. is. insane. Stand alone, each of these ingredients is nothing mindblowing, but once placed together on a plate, they just make so much sense. The key is the sambal, I believe. There is something so magical in that sauce, maybe it is the heat that makes you cling, or the subtly pungent but addictive fermented shrimp paste, that connects everything together. Here is another anecdote, probably you guys all know that foods on plane suck, but there was only one plane meal in my life (and I have flown numerous times) that stood out in terms of excellence. It was the Nasi lemak on AirAsia when I flew from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur.

…back to business -.- Anyway, this is my favorite version of Nasi lemak: Nasi lemak with whole fried chicken leg (46 HKD). Yummy yummy yummy.

That is one big boy xD

Nasi lemak with rendang chicken (43 HKD). Rendang chicken (or anything rendang) is awesome, thanks to the generous amount of coconut milk added to the dish. Coconut milk makes everything better, ’nuff said. I, however, as a firm believer and a die-hard devotee to the father of comfort food, fried chicken, am still committed to the prior dish. But this stuff I will still eat without complaining any day:

On another occasion we were given a sunny side up egg instead of a boiled one =}

I love Nasi lemak here, but do have one slight concern. The sambal–the most important ingredient on the plate in my opinion–is not executed 100% right. My first time eating Nasi lemak there was da bomb, everything was spot on authentic, the sambal was exactly what I had in Malaysia. But today it tasted different. I couldn’t detect the much-needed pungency from shrimp paste in the sambal, and instead could taste a little too much ketchup. A shame. It was still very good though, but I do seriously hope that they could make everything right again :\

I also tried Lemak laksa (43 HKD) today and quited enjoyed it. The vermicelli noodles looked thinner than I am used to, but I’m not complaining. I got 2 huge shrimps, one mussel, and some other stuffs in the big bowl. Loved the broth, seasoned just right and had quite a lot of coconut milk in it xD


Food Republic, Plaza Hollywood 3/F, Diamond Hill station exit C.

On the way to exit C of Diamond Hill station, you will catch a glimpse of the tiny yet overcrowded Sushi take out stall. It is the place to go when I’m in the mood for some cheap yet tasty sushi.

30 HKD for 10 pieces of Salmon sushi, yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Love love love each bite.

Looks not too bad doesn’t it?

Assorted sushi box (30 HKD) is what I usually pick:

Even a box of sashimi is also very affordable, 45 HKD only!

75 HKD for a healthy, yummy, dinner, what more can I ask for? >v<


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