[eat] Some Petit fours in Hong Kong: reviews of Passion by Gerald Dubois & Paul Lafayet

A very sweet post today. This morning, I went to Passion by Gerald Dubois, a pretty French bakery in Wan Chai, which has totally smothered ma passion for anything sweet for at least a month. I believe that the amount of sugar in the two very small confections was enough to ensure I will get diabetes in this life, and possibly in the after life. Slowly passing out in my sugar coma, I was reminded of another similar saccharine shock when eating my first macaron at Paul Lafayet as well -.-

I started my day with a Green Tea/Chocolate cupcake (30HKD), hoping that the sophisticated bitterness of matcha would help with the sweet nature of chocolate. After all, the matcha powder on top of this pretty thing looked promising~

Ay me. That green powder on top tasted almost nonexistent when I took the first spoonful of the ‘cupcake’. Did I just say cupcake? Well, the sponge inside the cup was, er, cupcake-like, but somewhat crumbly, with a very mediocre chocolate flavor. But the white chocolate topping was just so annoyingly sweet. I know, white chocolate is always on the sweeter side, and I have become very bitchy sensitive to sweet stuffs these days, so I should have chosen a croissant for breakfast instead.

I tried to finish it, but gave up…

As I was trying, hard, to swallow the cupcake, I decided to accept the fact that my palate is actually allergic to sweets. Nothing here at Passion, except for the salad, would make my tongue happy. The bf, smart & understanding as he always is, encouraged me to buy another pastry “that looked prettiest to you.” The voice of reason is a voice of reason for a reason.

So I decided to pick Mon Cheri (39 HKD), because it looked cute and it had a cute name (talk about women’s logic here). This darling is basically a slightly big macaron with griottine (liquor-soaked cherries ) & pistachio filling, with a miniature macaron with identical filling on top. I loved the macaron cookie itself; they tasted airy & sophisticated. The griottine, however, was again too sweet for me to handle.

Should have made a delish treat had it not been for the over-the-top griottine…

Another thing about Passion that I disliked was that the old woman staff was super grumpy. She could have used some of the sugar that went into these pastries. Other than the horrible staff & the sickeningly sweet confections, Passion is quite a cool place to check out, lol. It is actually very famous though. Tons of people, mostly Westerners, dropped by the place to grab a quick breakfast.

Passion by Gerald Dubois, ​74-80 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. For full menu & store map please check here.

A few days ago I also tried the arguably one of the best French exports and one of the prettiest confections in the universe, a Macaron at Paul Lafayet. Among several Pâtisseries carrying macarons in Hong Kong, Paul Lafayet is one of the better-known names. From what I heard, they are famous for the extensive range of macarons with 18 flavors and the use of less sugar in their petit fours. Very extensive & interesting offerings of macarons & other French favorites indeed, but less sugar? Bitch please.

At first sight, everything looked flawless. All the macarons on display were of consistent size and looked mouthwatering.

My two very dainty macarons, Poppy & Earl Grey (18HKD each), sadly, were freaking sweet. Everything else was top-notch, but the level of sugar.The cookie bases were mildly moist, perfectly balanced, and had that melt-in-your-mouth quality. On their own, they would be a delight to eat.

The fillings were actually quite good if we don’t take the sugar into account. I especially adored the smooth, citrusy flavor of the Earl Grey one. But really, they were too sweet for both me and the bf to handle.
Who knew that this pretty thing would be a sugar bomb?

I bought my macarons at the Paul Lafayet boutique at Shatin New Town Plaza, for complete menu, boutique addresses & opening time please check here.


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