[eat] Simply good: a pastry feast at Simplylife @ Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Remember that just a few days ago, I confidently declared that I wouldn’t touch anything sweet for at least a month here? Well, I’m a liar. A mere two days after my traumatic experience at Passion, I again somehow found myself all happy and excited to queue for and devour tons of delish pastries at Simplylife–a beautiful bakery shop inside Festival Walk mall (Kowloon Tong station).

The bf took me to Simplylife at around 4pm on Friday but we had to bitterly leave, with empty stomachs, due to the long queue in front of the bakery. It is a huge space, but somehow there is always a queue of hungry eaters lining up. Determined to check out this wildly popular place, I dutifully kept a mental (aka. a jpg file in my phone) note of the opening hours. Our plan was to be the first customers at 11 am sharp the next day.

At 10:40 am, we eagerly walked to Simplylife, thinking that 20 minutes would of course be more than enough for us to be the very first two customers. And guess what. We were perhaps the 50th-something… Dear Hong Kong people, it’s Saturday, PLEASE sleep -.-

I was still optimistic that we would still get a seat. Apparently lots of people thought so, because by the time the shop was open, there was about >40 people lining up behind us.

Would there be enough seats?

Fortunately, the answer was an astounding YES. Finally at 11:10 am, we were comfortably seated. Most people were choosing from the brunch menu (which seemed very promising and the food in the tables next to ours looked quite substantial & mouthwatering.)

We, however, reasonably and politely declined the brunch offer. Reasonable indeed, why should you eat brunch when in front you are these gorgeous babies?

It took me 10 minutes to figure out what I wanted because heck, all of them just looked so damn eyecatching. After lots of thinking and brainstorming (something I don’t usually do), I finally came up with a magic trio of Lemon meringue pie (32HKD), Strawberry cheesecake (32HKD), and Blueberry danish (15HKD).

…while the bf made the wise choice of Earl Grey tea (24 HKD) for me & a Toffee latte (30 HKD) for himself:

Don’t they look absolutely flawless?

Not only did they look great, they also tasted amazing. The Lemon meringue was exquisite. The pastry was nice and firm, without being crumbly or soggy. The filling burst with lemony flavor; it was rich & creamy but still fresh at the same time. The meringue was beautifully done, as soft and fluffy as a sweet cloud. Perfectly structured and so well balanced. Such a gem.

The Strawberry cheesecake was equally delicious. In fact, it was the best boughten cheesecake I have eaten in a long while. (Cheesecakes in Korea are completely horrid, I must say.) Extremely rich and creamy, but not overly sweet. The fresh strawberries with that tiny bit of acidity complimented the cake beautifully. Such a joy to eat.

But my absolute favorite was the Blueberry danish. At such an affordable price (15 HKD), it was indeed a steal. The crust was pure perfection. Flaky. Crispy. Rich. Buttery. With each bite I could hear a delightful cracking sound.

The custard filling was also wonderful, especially with a hint of saltiness to it. Blueberries were fresh and oozing sweet juice. I was speechless.

Our 3 pastries were deadly yummy, the seats were so comfortable, and the service was quite good with polite & helpful staff, what would we do?

The one and only answer was, obviously, to order more :D

These are Almond croissant & Hazelnut danish (15 HKD each).

Both of them, again, were done with superb technique and tasted heavenly. I could taste the nutty flavor in the Almond croissant:

..and the sophisticated sweetness inside the Hazelnut danish.

Perfect crust is perfect.

Perhaps the only and slightest disappointment of the day was the Garlic bread (15 HKD). It was good, but we both wish that the garlic had been featured more prominently.

Our pastries were excellent, and the drinks as well didn’t disappoint. My Earl Grey was just the Lipton one, but it was not bad anyway. The bf’s Toffee latte was quite great, slightly sweet with a depth from the java.

I love Simplylife. They truly serve some of the best pastries I have seen in Hong Kong. Theirs not only look amazing, they taste fabulous. Perhaps the best selling point for me is that none of the pastries scared me away with the level of sugar, but instead had just the right amount of sweetness. In fact, I am going to tell the bf to buy 1 blueberry & 1 strawberry danish for my afternoon tea at home right now xD

Simplylife is a chain and has several branches in Hong Kong and southern China. This is the review for the one at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong. For more information on location please check their homepage.


6 thoughts on “[eat] Simply good: a pastry feast at Simplylife @ Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

  1. Ahh your photos make me both hungry and nostalgic! I miss Hong Kong. Don’t quite miss the food though because I always seem to pick the food that looks the best but tastes the worst!

    • In a place with so many places to eat, doing research before eating out is the key to save you from annoyance xD I own many of my positive food experiences to openrice.com –where you can basically find reviews on any resto you can see on the street!

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