[misc] Lazy lunch at home…

The current Typhoon Utor means that my plan to eat out today pretty much ended in hopelessness. But at the end of the tunnel there is always a light. After all, why bother eating out when you can create your own feast at home?

Yesterday, the bf and I, using ingredients from the supermarket, created a super yummy and pretty-looking “lazy bread” within ~30 minutes. The list of ingredients consists of everything we both love: a loaf of bread (bought at Taste), cheese, rosemary, garlic, butter, cilantro and tomato.

This is how we executed this piece of art:

While the bf roasted sliced garlics in butter for ~10 minutes, I cut up the cilantro & tomatoes. We then put everything on top of our little bread-turtle:

And put it in the oven for 10 minutes (should have kept it there 15 minutes though, because when we took it out, all the cheese was not completely melted) at 160 degrees Celcius.

Yum yum yummmm

Encouraged by our mega awesome bread yesterday, I insisted on eating at home again today. While the loving bf did the shopping, I made a jug of Rosemary limeade (inspired by the Rosemary lemonade at Chloris Tea&Cofee)

I mixed 1 cup of brown sugar (because we don’t have white sugar lol) with 2 cups of water and heated the mix over medium heat to boiling. After all the sugar was dissolved, I added 3 sprigs of rosemary and let it cool.

I used limes instead of lemons because 1) I prefer limes & 2) we have lots of limes in the fridge (1 kg of limes magically appeared in my suitcase when I was unpacking here in Hong Kong after my trip back to Vietnam to visit my parents lol). I used 7 limes to get about 4/5 cup of juice. After the sugar water cooled, I mixed it with the juice and 4 cups of water in a jug & served with ice:

Right, so the bf did some shopping… He bought a rye baguette (23HKD), a piece of focaccia bread (15HKD), and two Danish pastries (15HKD each) at our new favorite Simplylife.

Of course I had to take photos…

I already mused about how perfect the Danish pastries are at Simplylife. But just when I thought that the Blueberry danish was an epitome of perfection, the Strawberry one I had today is leading me to question my judgement…

While I was busy taking 2336478384299293219983918 photos (a conservative estimate), the bf quietly made some breads… One was cheesy, and the other had garlic butter.


My own afternoon tea time xD


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