[eat] Brunch at Butterfinger Pancakes @ Apgujeong, Seoul

Just when I thought that my Gangnam food-quest would temporarily stop at The fish roe soup, it actually had just begun. Being constantly tired from working in the suffocating and excruciating heat of Seoul made me crave a nice brunch shared with a buddy in a nicely air-conditioned place. Hastily finished my work like a good white-collar slave, I immediately hopped on the train to Apgujeong for some gastronomic self-pappering.

We managed to get a good table considering the place was pretty packed when we came.

I had a hard time choosing what to eat, absolutely overwhelmed by the excellent variety of combos and food they offered. Eventually I gave up and let my buddy do all of the ordering because she had been here way too many times. We ordered Big Fat Jay’s special (18700 KRW), French toast (7800 KRW) and Cherry berry coke ade (9600 KRW) (that was a mistake but I’ll get around to that later).

After the long wait due to the influx of customers, the dishes were finally brought out. To be quite honest, it was rather disappointing to see the omelette was not as big as I’d expected it to be. How wrong I was!

Big Fat Jay’s special:

French toast:

…and cherry berry coke ade (I’m really sorry beforehand for the shitty quality of the picture. For some reason my phone camera just wouldn’t focus the way I wanted;;)

We wasted no second before diving our heads into the food. What is patience what is sophistication. The omelette was simply stunning. Everything on the plate was very well-portioned and pleasing to the eyes. The potatoes were seasoned perfectly. The omelette, THE OMELETTE, was so so soft to the touch of my knife. Wherever the omelette was cut, cheese and minced meat just oozed out like hot lava.

A little look inside:

Cheese is the key.

All omelettes are served with their signature buttermilk pancakes and dare I say the pancakes were the very star of the dish. It felt even better when you came with no expectation at all and bam, something as ordinary yet delicate as buttermilk pancake blew your mind (or taste buds?) away. The sweetness was spot-on, but not excessive. The pancake stayed airy and fluffy to the very last bite. Not to mention pancakes are always visually stunning.

The French toast was okay. I bet it would have tasted better if I hadn’t just finished the best pancake for it seemed like the first time in couple of years. Blame the pancakes. Whoopsie. Nevertheless we had a great meal; none of us had to leave with a half-filled stomach.

By the time we finished our brunch the place started to get a little sparse.

Get back to the cherry berry coke ade story, it was a mistake not because we chose cherry berry instead of cherry lime, but because of the fact we actually spent almost 10000 KRW on a drink that can be purchased at any takeout cafe in Seoul with half the price or even less! And tell you what, the refill was just plain coke, no more cherry no more berry. (There had been so little berries and almost non-existent cherry to begin with.)

And……… I nominate my buddy to also be another Face of the blog along with Jack–Thai’s friend. This blog needs a local. My buddy Mijung:



Needless to say Butterfinger pancakes has got me right from the start. You should totally go there with your bestie because brunch is always meant for besties. They also have another branch near Gangnam station.

Butterfinger Pancakes, Bundang line, Apgujeongrodeo Station, Exit 4:


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