[travel] My half-day trip to the peaceful town of Sai Kung

Greetings from Seoul -v- I am sitting at the best cafe in Seoul (which I will blog about later) and reminiscing about my wonderful day trip to Sai Kung a few days ago. The weather was wonderful (windy, cloudy, and not too humid), the town was beautiful and peaceful as ever (Sai Kung is a popular place for a day trip on the weekends but we went there on a weekday), we ate some great food (I already blogged about our Sri Lankan feast here), and ended up buying some amazing beer & cheese at 2 stores nearby.

We arrived at Sai Kung around 1pm, and were immediately greeted by the soothing breezes across the sea. Everything was peacefully quiet.

The bf, as he had heard some fuss about a place called The Bottle Shop, took me to this store which arguably has the biggest craft beer selection in Hong Kong. For a beer store, it was so neat, clean, organized, and the staff were super friendly and helpful. If I found myself enjoy looking at beer bottles (I don’t drink alcohol), the bf was, of course, in heaven.

As frugal as he is, the bf couldn’t resist buying 10 bottles to take home ;) I have tried a few of these with him, and I must say that I adore the Mocha and Oyster stouts, while the Stootley and Mocha received nods from him:

We also passed by a shop called The Dutch, only to be amazed by some fabulous selections of cheese there. Of course, being cheese enthusiasts/maniacs ourselves, we had to take home some Young Gouda cheese.

After a recommendation to check out a place called C.C. Cafe, the bf took me there to check out some of the “best coffee in Sai Kung.” The shop was tiny, dark, and homey. Personally I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere, but the coffee was oh-so-amazing. The espresso was strong, but so smooth and so deep. We ordered a Creme Brûlée Latte and a Affogato, both of which I enjoyed greatly:

After the coffee, we decided to burn some calories before dinner by taking a lazy stroll along the Sai Kung Promenade. It was just so peaceful and delightful. Oh, and cool too xD

But the best thing about it was that I could get some public wifi to watch the latest Master Chef US episode xDDDDD

We spent around 2 hours at the Promenade and never felt more relaxed and serene. In this bustling Hong Kong, Sai Kung is definitely a gem for those who enjoy a quiet and setback atmosphere.

But the best thing of the day for me was this…

The bf bought me this gorgeous perfume: Fracas as an early birthday present for me…

Our day ended with a delightfully delicious dinner at AJ’s Sri Lankan Cuisine:

Sai Kung is definitely a magical town for me. I strongly encourage you to visit it at least once to experience a different, but beautiful side of Hong Kong. Sai Kung is famous for its gorgeous hiking trails and crystal clear beaches, but even if you are not into those activities, a lazy afternoon in this undisturbed, tranquil town would make a perfect getaway from the busy Hong Kong we usually know of.


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