[cafe] Best Cafe in Seoul: Vert et Blanc @ Hongdae, Seoul

*Words by LaCrymaMosa; photos by Han K Ngo & LaCrymaMosa*

Finally, I have found it, the best cafe in Seoul. I am no coffee connoisseur, so a cafe for me is all about atmosphere. Of course, the food should be above average, but I really do care about the atmosphere more than the menu. I have been to my fair share of amazing cafes/tea houses in Seoul, and until yesterday, Cafe Oui topped the list. But Vert et Blanc–a beyond beautiful cafe in Hongdae–has totally won me over and now proudly holds the title of Best Cafe in Seoul in my heart.

Yes, atmosphere is everything. In addition to being super spacious, Vert et Blanc is also so charming. It still, however, enjoys a laid-back atmosphere. It is the kind of cafe where you want to talk in a better manner, but by no means restricting yourself; where you can spend an afternoon working, but with some peaceful moments in between. Just the way I like.

You will order on the first floor:

And, if the weather permits, sitting outside would be indeed lovely:

We, however, found our way to the second floor… I adore the windows AND the trees outside xD

The third floor has a similar decor as well…

Definitely the coolest water jug I have ever seen:

But the best thing about the decor is, in my opinion, the fresh flowers on each table. Flowers are a girl’s best friend. Had it not been for the dainty blossoms on each table, Vert et Blanc would not receive so much praise from me.

So so so sooooo pretty…

The cafe’s atmosphere & decor are top-notch, and fortunately, the food by no means lags behind. We ordered 2 pots of Mariage Freres’ Marco Polo (6000 KRW) and Earl Grey (5300 KRW) tea, as well as one Green grape tart (5500 KRW) to share:

Visually, they made for stunning photos:

My Marco Polo was delicious as usual. Strong, but velvety and so smooth.

While the Earl Grey was your standard Earl Grey (I couldn’t tell what brand the tea was), I personally would prefer more of the bergamot flavor:

(btw that’s my hands, not the waiter’s ;;)

You don’t need fancy high tea, because this is enough.

Our Green grape tart was divine. From the looks of it…

The grapes, plenty of them, were fresh and ripe. They were deliciously sweet, with just enough of that acid tang to make them even more addictive.

The short bread base was firm and crunchy, without falling apart. The custard was done with perfect seasoning. We both adored the slight hint of salt in the custard, which helped to balance each bite between sweet and savory.

You can easily lose track of time in this amazing place:


Vert et Blanc, Sangsu station exit 2.


6 thoughts on “[cafe] Best Cafe in Seoul: Vert et Blanc @ Hongdae, Seoul

  1. Such gorgeous, gorgeous photos — they’d be lucky to have you as publicity! The cafe does look idyllic. I’ll have to remember it if I ever make it to Seoul. :) (Also, you have lovely hands!!)

    • Thank you for your kind words ;) yes, do check out Seoul’s cafes (there are a numerous of them) because it it not only a big part, but also a beautiful one, of the city’s culture, I believe.

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