[eat] Lunch at Team 1994 @ Hongdae, Seoul

*Words by LaCrymaMosa; photos by Han K Ngo & LaCrymaMosa*

As I was looking for a lunch/brunch place in Hongdae on Naver blogs, I came across Team 1994 and was immediately wowed by how pretty it looked in the pictures. Vain as I am, I simply had to check it out right away. The food itself didn’t look that good in the pictures, but I thought that the interior would make up for any possible subdued flavors.

As predicted, the food didn’t impress us at all, but the decor was truly pretty. From the exterior…

The resto is divided into 2 sections, one was dim-lit and seemed more intimate:

While the other, where we chose to sit, was bright and nice with high windows and plants:

Lovely chairs & tables:

As well as the little plants here and there:

The food, sadly, was much less spectacular. The lowcarb buddy order a Grilled chicken salad (10000 KRW), I went for a Mushroom salad (10000 KRW), while Han decided to press her luck with the Chicken doria (12000 KRW). Each order came with free soup & bread as appetizers and ice cream as dessert.

The cream soup was okay (I slurped some before taking this photo):

The breads were delish! Warm and extremely soft. They should have given us more butter though -.-‘

The lowcarb buddy’s salad was okay. For 10000 KRW, they definitely gave us very very very little veggie ~.~

The chicken breast was on the small side, but done right.

I loved my mushroom salad. It was obviously overpriced, but at least they gave me quite a few mushrooms. The King oyster mushrooms were succulent and juicy, while the Shiitakes tasted super flavorsome and smelt terrific. Both were seasoned very well. I even thought that my mushrooms tasted better than the chicken breast.

Still veryyyyy little veggie though:

The Chicken doria was meh. I never liked the idea of it to start with anyway. The seasoning was okay, but rice was a tad too dry.

The staff kindly gave us some ice cream after we finished the meal:

Team 1994 is not a place I would recommend for those who want quality food, but if you are more into things like decor, atmosphere, or service, Team 1994 could make a nice place. It is indeed pretty, you can sit there for as long as you want, the staff are polite, it is very easy to find, and, oh, actually, the salads are quite good.

The lowcarb buddy didn’t have to pay for her house salad because she happened to pick up a coupon for free salad on her way up to the restaurant :((( Lucky duck :(((((( Han & I both had to pay (of course), but 1000KRW was deducted from our total bill because it was brunch special promo or something. This, at least, partly consoled our souls…


Team 1994, Hongdae station exit 9:


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