[eat] Revisit Chili King @ Itaewon, Seoul

Chili King is such a popular place for burger lovers out there that I hesitated before deciding to blog about them. They are just so well-known. In case you didn’t know, the owner, Kevin Crys, started Chili King as a food cart on the streets of Itaewon and gained a reputation for his wildly delicious chili. The food cart became a tiny restaurant in the back alley of Itaewon (it was super duper small), but after a few years, Chili King was closed for several months before making a gigantic comeback in a much, much bigger resto/pub a few meters away from the old location.

I always stick to their Chili burger because, heck, who doesn’t like both chili and burgers? The price has gone up slightly compared to my last visit at their old location, but the taste remained the same >v< Each burger came with a side of fries (you can choose to upgrade to chili fries or poutine) and choice of Ceaser salad, pickles, or creamy slaw.

Obviously I enjoyed my meal at Chili King. The burger was good but no where near Jacoby’s Burger, because the latter use a huge Wagyu beef patty (which looks like a ball actually) in their babies (for me, a good burger = a big, juicy, yummy beef patty/ball). However, the chili saved the day. I am still convinced that nobody can ever make chili half good as the bf does, but then I won’t let anyone taste the bf’s food so Chili King’s chili is probably among the best you can find in Seoul.

The chili burst with flavors, but was not over-the-top spicy.

While the beef patty is smaller compared to that at Jacoby’s, it was cooked to medium rare and quite tender:


Chili King menu:

For direction please check their homepage.


2 thoughts on “[eat] Revisit Chili King @ Itaewon, Seoul

  1. Mmmmm. Feel free to blog about any place big or small in Seoul — I’ve never been so you can always count on me at least to be on the other side of the world salivating over your beautiful photos! Now I’m craving a burger. :)

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