[eat] Bibim naengmyeon & Mul naengmyeon at 서울쌈냉면 @ Anam, Seoul

Lol the weather in Seoul has been such a major bitch -.-‘ Even on my last day in Korea (today!), the sun is still scorching hot and hot wind is still viciously blowing >.> What is the right remedy for this puta of a weather when you are in the midsts of Seoul? Of course we can always imagine being at the beach, on a mountain, or in the middle of the winter in Siberia. Or eat a bowl of naengmyeon.

I already wrote quite a long blog about naengmyeon and its fellows here so you may as well check it out. Ever since my first time trying naengmyeon at 고쌈냉면, it has been my trusted place for a bowl of these icy cold noodles. Today, however, Han took me to her favorite naengmyeon place, 서울쌈냉면 (Seoul Ssam Naengmyeon), in Anam to beat the heat.

We arrived at 서울쌈냉면 around noon and it was absolutely packed. Luckily, we still managed to find a table:


Very basic menu:

The beef broth was okay, very similar to that at 고쌈냉면 (actually you should drink the broth before eating the noodles, but then we are expected to have something called free will…)

Han ordered a mul naengmyeon for herself while I went bold by picking a bibim naengmyeon (both 5500 KRW). The former has quite a lot of icy broth added to it so it is less spicy, and, in my opinion, less flavorful. The latter, though, with almost no broth added, is motherfatherdaughterandson spicy, and it is much more flavorful. I love how strong the harmony among sweet-sour-salty-spicy my bibim naengmyeon was, but I wouldn’t recommend it to those who have sensitive tongues. It was really freaking spicy.

The mul naengmyeon was quite similar to that at 고쌈냉면 again…

But the bibim naengmyeon was much spicier :-s I still happily finished my bowl though.

We had quite a lot of meat, but it fell just a tad behind the amount of protein I had at 고쌈냉면:

Overall, 서울쌈냉면 is quite a great place if you wanna try naengmyeon when you are in the Anam neighborhood. Apparently many people think so as well, judging by how packed it was when we arrived.

서울쌈냉면 is a chain and has 6 branches in Seoul (there is one near Edae station exit 3!); this is the review for the one in Anam.


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