[cafe] The Chloris of Anam: Cafe Labri @ Anam, Seoul

I have found the Chloris of Anam. Chloris–a famous tea/coffee house chain which I have blogged about million times before–is my favorite place for tea in Seoul, but the price tag sometimes does make my heart cry. My substitute, Cafe Labri, located in Anam, though much smaller in size and without as extensive an menu as that at Chloris, has quite a similar vibe with comparable tea quality. The best thing about Labri is, of course, a lower price tag.

Han & I checked out Labri after our very spicy naengmyeon lunch yesterday. As Han was raving about how amazing the muscat tea was, I decided that we should order Muscat along with a pot of Caribbean tea (both 5000 KRW). It took a while for the staff to brew our tea but the wait was well worth it.

The muscat tea tasted like sugary grapefruit and ripe grapes. Actually I found it more bubble-gum sweet while Han thought of it as having a strong flavor of grapes. I don’t mind bubble-gum, so a bubble-gum flavored tea seems really fun to me.

Perhaps for some this fragrant, fruity tea should taste better with some sugar or honey, but I was glad that we had it without all the fuss. I never really liked tea with milk, honey, or lemon anyway.

My Caribbean tea was more floral than fruity. It was good, but less exciting that Muscat I must admit:

We also ordered a Moffle (a hybrid between mochi & waffle) to pair with our tea. I was so happy that our tea was not sweetened, because the moffle was really sweet :-s

It had an interesting chewy texture (read, mochi texture) while hidden in the disguise of an innocent plain waffle:

Too much caramel sauce was put on top….

Minus the sauce, though, it was something worth trying.

Elegance is an attitude:

All in all, Labri is a very nice place in Anam. I’d go so far as to say that it is a gem of a cafe in Anam. I never expected to find such a nice, quiet place with excellent choices on tea like that here!

We both liked how heavily tea is featured in the menu:


Cafe Labri is just 2 meters away from the naengmyeon place I blogged about yesterday here


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