[misc] Goodbye Korea~~~~~

*Words by LaCrymaMosa; photos by Han K Ngo & LaCrymaMosa*

Greetings from Helsinki Airport -v- I am waiting for my second and last flight today to Amsterdam. Yep, I am going to spend 10 months in The Netherlands, starting from today ;A;

My last day in Korea was, uh, uneventful, I guess? Han accompanied me for the whole day so thanks a bunch bro. We went to 서울쌈냉면 for a bowl of icy noodles before heading to the nearby Cafe Labri to avoid the sun. As if lazying around for ~2 hours in a cafe was not enough, we went back to her room and debated for 4 hours as to where we could most meaningfully spend my last hours in Seoul.

Of course one of the most meaningful things in life is to enjoy meat, preferably good AND cheap meat. 산적 in Anam is the one destination for cheap, quality Korean BBQ in town. We ordered Osamgyeop instead of our usual picks of Samgyeopsal & Dwaeji Galbi. It turned out that our choice this time was just as smart as ever.

Full and satisfied, it was time for some brainy indulgence. To make up for the severe loss of culture and intellectual during the long (not long enough) summer break, Han and I decided to hit the Second-handed book store in Noksapyeong.

I forced her to take lots of photos of me because I wanted to show off my hair. Now I am showing off my hair.

I didn’t forget to show myself as a cultured gal and all even inside the bookshop:

This tiny bookshop is a mecca for English-speaking book lovers (and for those who want to get rid of books). There are millions of hard back, paper back, romantic novels, detective stories, self-help books, design books etc.; the cramped space is flooded with books of all kinds, and, of course, at bargain prices. Just go out of Noksapyeong station exit 2 and you can see the bookstore across the street. Walk straight until you find an underpass, which, obviously, will help you cross the road without being hit by aggressive cars. Try to not drop in at any of the many, many restaurants on that side of the street before giving the bookworms inside you a treat.

The underpass can also serve as a location for snapshots:

What Han bought there: Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth for my upcoming birthday & Virginia Woolf’s Collected stories for herself.

We took this picture at Jubilee, a cafe in Itaewon famous for its a-ma-zing chocolatey drinks. We ordered an Iced Semi-classic (53% Cocoa). It was so rich, dense, but truly smooth.

Also at Jubilee, we happened to witness the most magical, astonishing sight we both have ever seen in a long time. A young, hip-looking, man with a WALKMAN and a BUNCH of CDs!!!!!!

I thought that walkmans expired at least 10 years ago. Ahh, it used to be my dream when I was ~12-13 years old :( Time flies.

…Do you ever feel, like a paper bag….

Nom nom nom Chocolate cake ;A;

Actually we were waiting for a food cart called Banh Mi Bros in Itaewon to open, but as we happily walked/ran to the place it was supposed to be, the food cart was not there :(( We were sooooo angry, but still kept our small hope that the cart might be open later than usual. Nope. After ~1 hour of looking for it in vain, we had to bitterly leave for home. My last day in Korea, why am I not surprised.

Bye Korea, I’m not sure I love you, but I will certainly miss the subway…

and of course the donuts:

What is waiting for me across the Atlantic Ocean? To be honest, I am a bit scared, but excited at the same time. At least I am sure that I will get to eat REAL CHEESE, which is exhilarating enough.


2 thoughts on “[misc] Goodbye Korea~~~~~

    • Thanks for enjoying the blog xD Though I will be in Europe, Han–the other author–will be the Seoul correspondent so I believe that this blog will still have updates from Seoul. And of course I will continue to babble about my very boring life :\

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