[leisure] A morning walk in Utrecht

Greetings from the lovely city of Utrecht. I am now at University College Utrecht, writing something before dragging myself to the most dreaded thing for me in the world: Getting to know people. It is so hard to move to a new place for someone as anti-social as me. I cried for a good hour or so, thinking about how scary, difficult, and futile it is to make new ‘friends’ lol.

Anyway, this early morning (6am) I took a stroll around the vicinity of the hostel I stayed and completely fell in love with Utrecht already. Such a beautiful, quiet place. So much green space, so many flowers, and the temperature was right up my alley. I happily embraced the 16 degree Celcius morning and walked for a good 2 hours. That feeling when you can walk long distance without sweating is such a luxury I haven’t had since forever.

Awesome streets:

A walk inside the park…



Hi sunlight ;A;

Full of trees xD

These pictures do calm me down a bit, but the mere thought of meeting people in less than 2 hours is already bringing me to the brink of tears… Lol…


7 thoughts on “[leisure] A morning walk in Utrecht

  1. I’m like you too so I know exactly how you feel >.<, but don't take it too seriously. Just take a deep breath and smile! Good luck! :)

    • Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, it is SO hard, scary, nerve-racking, exhausting etc. to socialize. And I am such a serious person I can’t just ‘have fun’ like others… But well, I will try to not be an ass at least and let’s see how things go from here.

  2. Good luck meeting new people, I know it is kinda scary and exhausting since I am an introvert and can’t stand to be around people for too long but I bet you will meet some nice people :) oh and welcome to Europe ;)

    • Thank you. I tried to stay socialized but the party was my breaking point so now I am in my dorm staying away from the crowd… Why is there NO social event for introverts? Like, we just sit in the same room and do our own stuffs and maybe talk about how much we hate humanity lol…

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  4. Hahaha! I lived in Utrecht for about a year, loved it! I am sure you would find some introvert people. Good luck. aka Veel succes! Find things to try in Utrecht. A must: is go to a shop called HEMA, and eat their bradworst en broodje. YUMM. I can easily give you a list of food you must eat in Holland if you want to. :D

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