[leisure] A morning walk (again -.-) at University College Utrecht & Wilhelmina Park

Another morning walk post today lol. The weather has been perfect since I arrived and it is such a shame to stay on bed late. Today I walked around University College Utrecht campus & inside the nearby Wilhelmina Park for >1 hour and absolutely enjoyed my moments of silence there. My only concern is, though, why does this Wilhelmina Park look exactly the same as the one I visited in downtown Utrecht yesterday? From the shape of the lake, the fountain, the positions of the chairs etc. Kinda amusing xD~
Edit: They are actually the same park!!!!!! I just realized today lmfao.

Still, the park is absolutely lovely and I can see myself making many a visit there in the future. Plus, it is only like a 10 minute walk from the campus.

Some dazzlingly green eye-candies…

Mmmm morning sun:

This calmed me down:


Crystal clear waters…

And some pictures of my campus if you’re interested.. The most important photo is, of course, that of a cat. This is the campus cat, Dali:

Nice weather means sitting outside AND eating outside:

The block I reside in:

And well.. other buildings xD Such a tiny campus, much much much smaller than Yonsei Sinchon campus lol:


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