[eat] Indian food at Otsal @ Anam, Seoul

I’m no expert when it comes to Indian food but without a doubt this is by far my best experience with said cuisine. Among a bunch of Indian restaurants in Anam area, Otsal is my personal and also many people’s favorite. It’s only been a month and a half since I first went to Otsal but I’ve already lost track of how many times I’ve eaten in this resto.

After hurriedly finishing off my work I immediately left for Otsal. By the time I arrived at the resto, my friends had already ordered one Butter chicken curry (9000 KRW) and a Honey naan (2500 KRW). Too much work makes Jack a dull boy. Being extremely exhausted from work made my brain clouded with hunger and irrational decisions which resulted in me ordering the most boring curry dish ever: Bean curry (8000 KRW). We also ordered one Chicken Biryani (9000 KRW).

Here’s to why the Bean curry was a senseless decision of mine: there was no trace of meat found in the dish (of course). Besides, the dish was too spicy for me to taste the significant trait of Indian curry that is the sauce.  I remember tears springing in my eyes and stomach burning after I decisively gave up on finishing the dish. My spicy food tolerance needs building up urg.

However that was the only complaint of the day because everything else served on our table was delectable. I absolutely enjoyed the Butter chicken curry. Even though the taste of the curry was supposed to be strong and savoury, I also thought the gravy was very consistent and delicate for I could almost visibly feel the coconut and butter flavor on the tip of my tongue. The chicken was no doubt a win. 

Here comes the hero of the day: CHICKEN BIRYANI. Man I adore this dish and whoever invented it. The tandoori chicken was cooked in dry curry I believe, making it one of the best ways to cook with this versatile meat. The rice was perfectly cooked, non-sticky but still moist just the way it should be. This dish is so complicated and sophisticated, from the ingredients, the process to the cooking time for each main ingredient, created by layers and layers of spices and flavors. This dish has easily crawled on my top list of favorite food cooked with chicken and rice, being only second to Hainanese chicken rice (with some Vietnamese twists and infusion).

(They also have naan pizza which is not listed on the menu. There are two options: shrimp pizza and chicken pizza and both are really good!)


Also, take-out is so much cheaper! A few days ago when LaCrymaMosa was still in Seoul, we had take-out twice and I can’t help posting these pix. Visually: apparently not as much stunning or aesthetic whatsoever like the ones presented on the resto’s plates (the boxes actually looked really nice in real life however). Taste wise: still delicious (and take-out made us happy because cheaper). I liked the lamb korma curry, but creamy curry is not exactly my thing so I’ll just stick with the hot red one from now on.

Pix taken by her as well!

In order: lamb biryani, tandoori chicken, lamb korma curry.

Seriously, I can’t find any reason for you to not take a trip to Anam and check this place out.

Otsal (3rd floor), Anam Station, exit 3 or 4:


One thought on “[eat] Indian food at Otsal @ Anam, Seoul

  1. It looks nice. i wil try here . But i want to suggest thre is another restaurant which is the most incredible and very impressive restaurant, you may try.
    Its Jyoti Restaurant , its has two locations 1) sinchon station line 2 exit 5 and chungmuro staion line 3 and 4. Exit 1.

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