[leisure] A visit to Rosarium Oudwijk @ Utrecht, The Netherlands

Did you know that there is a type of rose called Rhapsody in Blue? Or Just Joey? Or Dame de Coeur? I didn’t known until my visit to the nearby Rosarium Oudwijk yesterday. It is a Rose Garden in Utrecht with countless varieties of roses, and all are absolutely beautiful. I am not a rose person but was so happy to spend some time there wandering around, looking at the blossoms, and of course, taking pictures of them xD

It’s the end of summer so many blossoms are withering…

But some are still going strong xD

Rhapsody in Blue xDDDDD (this rose is among very few names I remember because it sounds so cool lol)

Pic spam spam spam~~~~

Cuteeeeee ;v;

I love these beauties…

and these dead beauties xDDD

So so adorable ;vvvv;

My phone camera freaked out at these deep hues:

or at this…

My absolutely favorite babies of the whole garden:

On the way back:

I see this everywhere, what is it called? ;A;

Such a peaceful place to be~


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