[leisure] Utrecht City tour & snacks at Broodje Mario

For a food blog, I must admit that my blog has severely lacked of food reviews lately. I promise that I will write about food here AND that in Hong Kong & Korea asap x( So please bear with my non-food rambling & picture spamming for now.
Yesterday the new college kids got to see Utrecht in daylight. We had a fun city tour and got to appreciate the beauty of Utrecht in all its glory, and of course, got to try some snacks at Broodje Mario, arguably Utrecht’s most famous street snack bar.

Perfect weather for sitting outside and people watching >.> The good part is that there are so many restos/cafes with outside seating to choose from, but the bad news is that this weather won’t continue for long. Can’t wait until everything settles down so I can actually go out and enjoy the foodie life. But in 2 days I’m officially back to school lol. Fml -.-

So Dutch xD~

This too:

I’m totally in love with such simple sights:

I want to take a boat ride on this beautiful canal too :(((

Awesome classical music played on the streets~

You can see the Dom Tower from afar:

And closer~

We stopped by Broodje Mario to refuel with some sandwiches/pizzas. I didn’t get myself any and I still regret it (I had eaten two paninis for lunch, thus I couldn’t stuff in any more food in the afternoon T-T). Everybody, though, commented how delish the food was. I definitely need to try their food soon.

Oh and this is the coolest thing I have seen in Europe so far lol:

Cheapppppppp ;AAA;

But yummy~ and hot.


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