[eat] Shabu-shabu at 등촌 샤부 칼국수 @ Anam, Seoul

A review I have been procrastinating on >.> 2 days before I left for my trip to Japan, Han took me to her favorite shabu shabu restaurant in Seoul, 등촌 샤부 칼국수 (Deungchon Shabu Kalguksu). As the name indicates, the place specializes in shabu-shabu & kalguksu. As I confided some time before, I am not a fan of shabu-shabu, as this stuff tastes a bit too bland for my taste, but what I had at 등촌 샤부 칼국수 was quite solid and should definitely be a place to visit if you are in the mood for some affordable yet tasty shabu-shabu in Seoul.

The menu is straightforward and, well, in Korean ~.~ As you can see, we chose Beoseot Shabu Kalguksu (9000 KRW per person).

For 18000 KRW, we got a medium-sized pot filled with lots of vegetables (notably celery!), beef slices, kalguksu, and rice with egg to make fried rice:

We both loved the fact that there were lots of celeries xD~ Apart from its well-known nutrition facts, celery also has that taste and texture I truly like. The crisp, bright taste of the greens nicely differentiated 등촌 샤부 칼국수’s hotpot from that at other shabu-shabu places.

More meat would be much appreciated though~

But the rice was a major win ;A;

I forgot to take pictures of the noodles, but they were quite good. They were smooth, tasted fresh, but did not fall apart even if we cooked them for long in the pot:

Did I mention that there were quite a lot of mushrooms in our shabu-shabu as well? I’m a sucker for mushrooms, so I was very, very happy:

And the moment we were both waiting for: making our own fried rice!!!

Mmmmm yum yum~

등촌 샤부 칼국수 is a chain and has branches all over Seoul (I saw one in Hongdae too!). This is the review for the branch in Anam. You can reach 등촌 샤부 칼국수 on your way to 고른 햇살.


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