[cafe] Pika coffee in Anam & 여우사이 in Sinchon, Seoul

As school is just around the corner all streets around university areas are burst with students and coffee shops, once empty during vacation, are filled with streams of people ordering drinks and looking for vacant seats. It also means autumn is coming. The humidity is a lot less horrendous and the heat is a little more merciful. The change in the weather though has succeeded in wrecking me and making me stay in bed during the entire weekend with bitter taste buds, relatively high-grade fever and absolute desolation.

Ok enough with ranting, let me get back to why I’m writing this post. With school and friends and the ridiculous amount of papers one needs to work on, a place to hang out/study during lunch time or between lectures is much needed. Among a number of coffee shops in Anam (Korea University campus) and Sinchon (Yonsei University campus), Pika and 여우사이 (yeo-oo-sa-ee) so far have been my most favorite ones.

Pika Coffee is a hidden gem in Anam. It’s not a coffee shop you randomly see on the street and decide to stop by because hey, it looks pretty cool. Without a Korean friend of mine I would never have found out such a lovely place. Considering coffee shops in Seoul tend to be really compact and fully packed with small chairs with a small table to go for a complete combo, Pika is exceptionally spacious, which is probably the biggest reason why I like it so much.

The entire place is quiet, bright and well-furnished. The atmosphere is delightful and tranquil and for that it has completely won me over. They also have a little yard outside (which I “conveniently” forgot to take pix of) for people who want to enjoy the sun. I’d love to sit outside when the heat dies down. One day…

Love the fact that they don’t try to stuff more tables at the middle of the floor.

Not only the decor is impeccable but the drinks and desserts are also yummy! It was very nice of the staff to have served everything with 2 extra straws and 2 extra spoons so we could share all of them together.

My berry smoothie (6500 KRW) was delish! It smelled wonderful, was not overly sweet and definitely genuine berries! Totally recommend if you come for the first time.  The other two: caramel ice cream (6000 KRW) and green tea shake (6000 KRW) were also really good. We were so lucky to have such a pleasant experience to end the day.


They also have a more specific menu like this one. You’ll be able to see the pictures of the drinks, sandwiches, salads etc.

Pika coffee is not exactly a hipster coffee you see, but if you’re looking for a place with comfortable sofa to sit as long as you can and chat away the afternoon/evening with friends or simply to focus on your papers, this place is made for you.

Pika Coffee, Anam Station, Exit 3.


여우사이 (yeo-oo-sa-ee) is located at the very centre of busy Sinchon so it came to me as a surprise how sparse it looked when I arrived. 여우사이 is the abbreviation of 기서 리의 진을 야기하자 (let’s talk about our photos in this place) lol. Despite the long weird name, this cafe is indeed a place for a photography maniac like me.

The owner seems to make full use of every single square meter on the ground, filling the place with different stuffs here and there yet the tables are still somewhat far enough from each other in order to give the customers comfort and privacy. The cafe gives off a cozy atmosphere, but a bit too dark for my liking. Hard to take pix yenno. I had a patbingsu (for one person) (7000KRW). My friend decided to go with green tea frappuccino (5500 KRW) (wasn’t interesting of a choice tbh). It took the staff TOO long to bring us the drinks. I mean, we were the only new customers and it took him 20~25 minutes to make the two simple drinks?

So many photos, all are printed on silk papers *-*.

The extended room:

Sitting by the window is also nice if you want to enjoy the sun.

Many photos are hung together like strings on the wall.

So pretty this corner:

Our drinks:

My patbingsu tasted…Idk…funny(?) and very sweet. A lot of pearls as you can see in the pix, cereals, gummies, sweets, red beans, canned fruits. I don’t know, I thought it was ok. Not a good ok though. I guess patbingsu is just an easy way to name this stuff. It’s more like junk food put together in a glass of ice I’d say. For 7000 KRW you might want to order something else more worthwhile.


Along with Pika Coffee, 여우사이 is the place that I frequent. Of course you don’t have to talk about your photos, or anyone’s for that matter but you still can enjoy looking at them over a cup of coffee for the upcoming autumn.

여우사이, Sinchon station, exit 1:


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